This is how to get a federal job

First you have to know where the jobs are.

In a recent survey it was found (survey conducted by that the top city to find a job in the entire United States is Washington DC

Here are the top ten in order listed with the number of jobs available per 1,000 residents:

1. Washington, DC – 133 (posts per 1,000 people)

2. Baltimore, Maryland – 90

3. San Jose, CA – 80

4. Austin, Texas – 56

5. Hartford, Connecticut – 54

6. Seattle, WA-53

7.Salt Lake City, UT-52

8. Denver, Colorado – 50

9.Boston, MA-49

10. Las Vegas, Nevada – 49

(Charlotte, NC, also with 49 publications per 1,000 residents, ranks 11th on the list.)

So the first step, if you’re going to do anything to get a federal job, is to look for employment in these areas. This does not mean that there are no jobs in other cities, it just means that these are the cities with the most jobs.

OK, step two: Visit the government website Here you will find every job (well, almost every job) available in the federal government. there are other places to look, but this is the website that lists the vast majority of available positions.

When you see a position for which you qualify, study the ad very closely, if there is something you don’t fully understand, you can call a federal career counselor and they can answer any questions you may have.

Now choose 1, 2 or 3 positions you would like to apply for.

Step 3: Once you’ve decided which positions you’re applying for, it’s time to write and submit your federal resume and supporting documents.

I’ll be frank with you here, you can try to fight through this process yourself, and believe me, preparing a federal government application package is difficult, tedious, and detailed work. Or you can have a professional resume writer do it for you.

Ultimately it is your decision, but I strongly suggest you hire a professional. The main reason is that these positions are very competitive, hundreds of people apply for them, and you have to do everything you can to make sure that you are one of those who gets called for that important interview.

There is no substitute for a professional federal resume writing service with real experience (yes, they do cost money to hire). They know the correct words to use, they know the correct forms to use, they know and are very familiar with all the procedures and rules associated with the application process. A truly qualified federal resume writer is worth his weight in gold. and will (or should) guarantee their services.

Look at your application requirements, and if you’re serious about this process, hire a professional federal resume writer. On the other hand, you can try it on your own. But when they don’t call you, don’t “fool yourself” and make up some reason why they didn’t call you, there are only 2 reasons:

1. Someone actually read your entire resume package, ie your resume, any Ksa’s or ECQ’s or PTQ’s supplemental documents, etc. and then determined that you were not qualified. That doesn’t usually happen because most people apply for jobs for which they are qualified.


2. The hiring committee never saw your resume because you never went through the initial steps to get to the step where a real person was able to see the documents. In other words, your package was not written correctly!

Good luck. I hope you are willing to work harder than your competitors to get your federal job!

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