According to, YouTube is the third most trafficked site in the world. Imagine the number of new leads you could have by getting exposed in front of possibly hundreds of new people every day and all for FREE. It doesn’t cost you a penny to upload as many videos as you want.

So let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 YouTube Network Marketing Tips

  • YouTube Tip #1: There’s no need to be fancy or go out and buy the latest, most expensive camera. I personally use our Canon digital camera. I went out and bought a bigger memory card but it works great for what I need. Make sure the audio is clear and easy to understand. If people can’t hear what you’re saying, it doesn’t matter how good you look.
  • YouTube Tip #2: As a society we are sick of being thrown around and spammed by email so no need to create a “commercial” just be yourself and take videos of yourself doing the things you normally do. Provide your audience with great content and more and more people will come to you.
  • YouTube Tip #3: At the beginning of each video, be sure to say your name. This is important because you want to “brand” yourself in his eyes as a leader and someone they can turn to for great information.
  • YouTube Tip #4: When you’ve uploaded a new video, make sure people know about it. Post an update on Facebook and Twitter. Ask people to view, comment, and rate. The more people, the better.
  • YouTube Tip #5: If you have a blog, be sure to post a new post with a clickable link back to the video. Again asking people to comment and rate.
  • YouTube Tip #6: Make sure the first line of your description is a clickable link. When people want to know more about you, they will have a place to go for more information. Also make sure to fill the description box with good “keywords” that you want to optimize for. You want people to find your videos and this is how they will.
  • YouTube Tip #7: Take the embed code and place it on any website you have or on your own blog.
  • YouTube Tip #8: Another way to get a lot of traffic is to build relationships with some “big” names on Facebook and ask if you can put your video on their wall. This can drive a lot of new traffic to your videos.
  • YouTube Tip #9: If you’re looking for a video to go viral, it’s best to make sure it’s under 2 minutes long. But if you are providing great content, 5-8 minutes is ideal.
  • YouTube Tip #10: Lastly, don’t stop at YouTube. There are tons of different video sharing sites out there, so check those out too. Tube Mogul (free), Traffic Geyser, and Hey Spread are great programs that take you to these other sites. However, make sure to always upload to YouTube manually. You don’t want to risk your YouTube video not being correct, you would lose tons of good traffic.

The key to any marketing you do is to know who you are marketing to and that you are marketing to them as YOU. Do not try to be someone else that you are not.

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