Carpal tunnel syndrome does not necessarily come from daily work at the computer. There are numerous causes, but carvers are prone to getting this syndrome.

A narrow channel or pathway on the palm side of the wrist is where the median nerve is found. It is surrounded by bones and ligaments. Constant pressure on the nerve causes swelling and irritation in this area of ​​the wrist. The path or channel is about the size of your thumb. The median nerve carries impulses to the hand and the tendons of the fingers.

As I am a woodcarver spending many hours carving canes, I felt compelled to pass on some information as surgery was required to eliminate the constant and severe pain in both hands.

In the past year the following symptoms developed in both hands and shoulders; pain in the hands and tingling in the index and ring fingers and pain that radiates to both shoulders.

The hands became weak and it was difficult to grasp a knife and power tools. It was difficult to complete simple tasks while carving sticks.

The condition of carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by other conditions, so it is important to see your family doctor for advice.

How is this condition treated before and after surgery? As you work on your bench, stop frequently, stand up, and stretch your arms above your head. bring your hands together while you have your arms above your head and hold for at least a minute. Make this a habit and repeat every 30 minutes. Also, place your hands together in an upright position with your fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Press firmly for at least 30 seconds. Do this several times.

Purchase a wrist splint or brace at a local Walgreens or Walmart store or from your medical provider. The brace should be worn while on your bench and also at night, when you lie down. This prevents the wrist from bending during sleep and will decrease irritation to the wrist or wrists.

Go online and find information on exercises that are good for your hands, wrists, and shoulders. The doctor may refer you to a physical therapist for treatment. This condition can be quite painful and do not let it continue without treatment.

Consult your doctor.

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