Wise About Texas Podcasts

The Wise About Texas podcast is an award-winning history and culture show hosted by James L. Haley. The show features historical stories from the state as well as interviews with notable people. In one episode, the first battle between the Texas Rangers and the Comanche Indians is recounted. The story is a great one, and I recommend listening to the episodes on your commute to work. There is something for everyone to learn from these shows.

During the siege of the Alamo, several hundred Texans were brutally murdered by the Mexican army. One of the survivors, John C. Logan, left two letters to his family. The first letter was written at a time of optimism, and the second was written in difficult conditions. These letters offer an insight into the experiences of the Texian soldiers during the time. The first letter is an inspiring and powerful story, and the second letter gives us a glimpse of the hard life that soldiers faced at the time.

Another story is about Assault, a 3-year-old who had the opportunity to bring the Triple Crown home to Texas. Known as Club-Footed Comet, Assault had a shot at winning the Triple Crown, but his luck ran out before he could get there. The Wise About beast texas podcasts shares a story about Assault, the horse who landed the Triple Crown in Texas.

The Best Texas Podcasts

The Wise About Texas podcast is great for the history buff. With interviews by historians, authors, and state leaders, this show will provide you with interesting facts about history, law, and more. In addition, it includes episodes about ghosts, haunted houses, and other local history. While the Wise About Texas podcast is an excellent source of history and local news, you can listen to it whenever you want to.

The Wise About Texas podcast features a story about the notorious criminals, Bonnie and Clyde. The movie is a fascinating history lesson that will teach you how to make your own movie. You will find many fascinating stories in this show and will have a great time. When you are ready for an adventure, the podcast has the right content for you. And you can listen to it anywhere. It is also great for history buffs.

A fascinating podcast about Texas history, Wise About Texas is a must-listen for all Texas lovers. Its hosts share interesting stories about the state. The episode on a historic shooting is a wonderful example. It is a great way to learn more about the state’s history. And the cast of characters from the show also discuss important events in the history of the region. It’s important to know the background of a place before visiting.