Cases and covers, both designed and being used for the basic purpose of providing protection for mobile phones against damage, scratches, the environment and moisture. There is a wide range of body covers and cases available these days that users can use. Some of them are universally used with all mobile phones, while others are only designed for specific mobiles. Here we will discuss the types of iPhone cases and covers and how they are used.

Today there are hundreds of Apple iPhone cases available in different prices, materials and uses. Apple has released 3 generations of iPhone so far, including the simple iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 4G. With these 3 releases, Apple has also introduced many new, old, fancy, expensive and cheap iPhone cases and covers. However, these are also designed by other companies and are being used these days.

Some of the types of Apple iPhone and iPad cases are discussed below and they have differences in the material used:

Soft and flexible silicone covers:

The smooth finish of the iPhone not only looks good and makes the phone stylish but also makes the phone a bit slippery. To provide an easy and firm grip, silicone skins have been designed that also keep the phone safe from scratches. These silicone cases are available in a variety of different colors and users of all versions of iPhone use these colorful cases to add beauty to their phone and match their outfits. These silicone cases are also used with a combination of a screen protector which is a transparent plastic cover that sticks to the screen and protects it from screen damage while providing a clear view and with this combination not only the phone is protected from scratches and damage but so is the screen. These are also sometimes known as Apple iPod touch cases because they work with iPods too!

Leather covers:

Just like silicone cases, leather cases are also designed and made available to phone users. These cases are almost like silicone cases, but the difference is in the material they are made from. There are different types of leather cases available that vary not only in colors but also in style, from cool and modern to sleek and stylish.

Apple iPhone 4 Aluminum Cases:

Aluminum is known as one of the best body protectors and it is also lightweight compared to the silicone and leather cases discussed above. These cases are made of aluminum and have a special clearance with strategic cutouts that allows users to use their iPhone easily and with maximum protection from scratches and the environment while remaining packed in the case. These aluminum covers and cases are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Plastic boxes:

There are also plastic cases available, made from finely polished polycarbonate plastic and are suitable for almost every Apple device ever made. These plastic cases are also available in attractive designs and in different colors.

The use of the aforementioned cases varies from user to user and also depends on the size of the case being used.

There are small size pocket bags available that easily fit into pockets and also look good when outside. These pocket bags are much more demanding among the users as they offer easy handling and take up less space.

The other types include a waste bag. Users can clip these bags with their waste and go wherever they want with easy access to their mobile all the time.

For those iPhone 4 accessory users who want to keep their iPhones in place while exercising, the Xtreme Mac Sport Wrap is one of the best options available to them. This case not only provides protection for the iPhone, but also gives the user the ability to keep their phone on while exercising. The main purpose of using iPhone while exercising is that most people want to listen to music while exercising and this Sport Wrap case not only provides protection for both the screen and the phone, but also has an opening for the power connector. audio so users can easily tether their headset to the phone. One of the best features of this case is that it fits easily on the user’s upper arm and is incredibly light in weight allowing users to have full body movement with a firm grip on their iPhones.

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