Researchers at the University of Athens in Greece have found that people, and specifically women, who eat large amounts of protein but very little carbohydrates are at increased risk of heart attack. The type of diet, like a typical Atkins diet plan, restricts amounts of items like potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta, in favor of higher amounts of eggs, bacon, chicken, fish, and broccoli.

The study of 10,000 adults, followed by people on the Atkins diet, compared to those on a normal diet, showed an increased chance of having a stroke or heart attack. Although the increase is not high, it is worth avoiding any potential risks involving problems with the heart and circulation, because they are inevitably serious and in many cases result in death.

Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: “This study highlights the need for us to balance our diets. Don’t feel like you have to choose between carbohydrates or protein. Eat a mix of all the food groups, rather than cutting back. Anything completely will help you stay healthy on the inside and out. Try to include lean protein and low-fat dairy, whole-grain, high-fiber carbohydrates, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables and small amounts of healthy fats. Enjoy them in one of Balanced form is much better for your heart and waistline than trying to follow a strict diet. “

Health authorities around the world strongly agree on the recommended daily intake of dietary nutrients to maintain a healthy body. These recommendations include calories, protein, fiber, fats and oils, carbohydrates, salt, vitamins, and minerals. Dieting requires a reduction in the amount of calorie intake, it can be achieved quite easily by changing the types of products; Pork and cod have similar protein levels for the same weight, but cod has only about a quarter of the calories. Similarly, boiled potatoes have only a quarter of the calories of oil-rich fries and stir-fries.

Reductions in calorie intake can be easily made without having to behave like a monk and still ingest the nutrients necessary to promote good health. If you’re considering a diet, just check what you’ve eaten in the past week, including snacks, and see how you can limit calories. Some examples, take a smaller size, a 12-inch pizza has twice the calories of an 8-inch pizza, and in the example of the basic large pizza from an international pizza chain it has more than the recommended calories for a day , double the desired. fat level and fifty percent over the salt limit, all on one plate! Consider healthy items, like a salad, which is low in calories, but when you add an oil-based dressing to it, it skyrockets the calorie scale, a tablespoon of olive oil has 109 calories. Just think before you eat

On a side note, sadly, the creator of the Atkins diet, American cardiologist Robert Atkins, died in 2002 at the relatively young age of 72. He had a heart attack!

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