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If you’re already a paying member of pretty much any singles website, you may have already realized that you may not be getting your money’s worth.

In most cases, the dating site member will simply retrieve the unread email and usually log out. This is because a dating site member does not always have a variety of features to keep them involved in the community.

At located at, users stay much more active in the singles community. This is due to the fact that has one of the most feature packed services to date. These features have been enhanced for the end user to ensure ease of navigation and provide other useful conveniences.

The service itself is geared toward crowds of adults 18 and older. ADULT Connections Network(TM) has called it the “sexy singles network” because of its slightly risqué push into the world of uncensored photo galleries and free adult chat rooms. free adult chat rooms are unique because they are high quality and truly free. Registered members can easily send instant messages to other users, as well as invite other chat room users to private chat rooms created by members. However, there is even more to free adult chat rooms. This is probably the best part about free adult chat rooms, they are also fully featured video chat rooms where members can easily watch videos that users upload to their profiles or stream live webcams.

As for what makes a social network rather than your average singles dating website, we start with the features. Like many dating websites, users can contact members through the website’s messaging system. takes contacting a member a step further by allowing its members the option of sending contacts to the member’s mailbox, to the members’ personal email address directly, or to both.

Upload, Upload, Upload photos, music, videos and more. members can now easily contribute music, personal videos and up to 50 photos to their personal and public galleries. Registered members have full access to users’ media with the ability to download other members’ media directly to your computer. With enhanced media features, users can take control of their community’s media content.

Making your profile stand out will be simple, but only if you’re willing to take the time to take advantage of all of your exposure options. Users who create their own blog, speak in public and private forums and post free personal ads on Classifieds definitely benefit the most from

To better summarize a description of I can say that if you are familiar with service like MySpace… try to imagine MySpace with a mild adult theme.