Most parents are always there for their children, they support them, love them deeply and take care of them. It is every child’s dream to have a wonderful mom and dad who love them very much. Unfortunately, every year many couples divorce, and if there are children present in the marriage, parents will have to find the best ways to parent after divorce. For children with divorced parents, they often feel profound loss and sadness when they have to move from one home to another. Justin Bieber is one of the lucky ones, as he survived in a broken family and even succeeded in music. As the most famous young singer today, his parents are always supportive of him. His mother, Pattie Mallette, is always there for him and always supports him. She bought him his first drum kit which became the inspiration for Bieber’s musical career.

Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber, is also very supportive. He was the one who introduced Justin to classic rock when he was still a child. Although both parents divorced when Justin was only 2 years old, they have always been there for him. At the age of four, Justin began his first music lessons. Pattie soon realized her son was talented and put the 4-year-old on the internet in a video singing Neyo. Surprisingly, a lot of people saw the video and liked it. It became the beginning of Justin’s music career. Pattie is a great single mom. She is always present at Justin’s concerts to support him. As a devout Christian, she always sets Bieber a good example. While Pattie remains single, Jeremy Bieber, on the contrary, decided to remarry and from the marriage were born two wonderful children who are also Justin’s stepbrothers. Although it seems that Justin’s father is busier taking care of his new family, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Justin. In fact, if you surf the Internet, you will see many photos of Justin with his father on various occasions, such as on the beach before or after concerts. There are also photos showing Jeremy, Pattie and Justin in the same photo. Jeremy is indeed a great father to Justin.

Although the couple have been divorced for a long time, Justin always comes first and therefore they often meet Justin on special occasions. This is how divorced couples should treat their children. They should always take care of their children, so that the children feel loved by both parents even though they are no longer together. Justin’s parents are successful in directing their son in a positive way, which is music in Justin’s case. Now you can see exactly where Justin is.

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