Going through the menstrual cycle can be more than a hassle for many women. It becomes even more difficult when an ovarian cyst forms. Cysts may be associated with an irregular cycle. Not only do they have to deal with the pain of it all, but also the irregularity and myriad of symptoms that go along with it. It becomes especially hard when there is the presence of an ovarian cyst. The worst event that could happen is that the ovarian cyst bursts.

Some women are so sensitive that they feel the release of the egg when it is time to ovulate. So when a cyst bursts in your sensitive area, the pain can be crippling. First of all, there is no treatment to prevent the pain from appearing. However, there are ways to lessen the pain. It also helps to take steps to shrink the cyst in the first place.

Having a diuretic element at every meal would be a great start. The probable cause of a cyst rupture is the accumulation of fluids within the benign tumor. A diuretic will ensure that the cyst absorbs little or no fluid.

If you take any treatment to help regulate the menstrual cycle, it would be a great advantage. Cysts, as mentioned above, are more likely to form when the menstrual cycle is irregular. When the egg is supposed to be released, the shell it is in can sometimes never be broken and still retain the egg. When this happens, it continues to grow and eventually forms a cyst. It could also happen that the shell that is left behind, the corpus luteum, mutates into a cyst. The more you regulate your hormones, the more likely they are to happen more normally. It does not mean that ovarian cysts are not normal. In fact, they are very common.

When the unfortunate thing happens that even one of them bursts, a lot of pain relief is needed. It would be wise to start taking over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen or instant relief. There is also the option of natural medicine, which has been shown to really help with these kinds of sticky situations.

It is important to remember to take immediate action when an ovarian cyst bursts. Always try to keep the cyst as irritated as possible. Don’t strain yourself at work or at home. It is important to rest and eat properly.

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