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The fires that swept through West Maui and destroyed the historic town of Lahaina last month were tragic, leaving 115 people dead (with hundreds more still feared missing), and destroying 2,000 structures, including homes, businesses, and other buildings. For many victims, their losses are far greater than what was covered by their insurance. For example, they may have lost priceless treasures and mementos or a lifetime of work or savings. They might have been forced to evacuate their homes and businesses, which can cause financial hardship.

As a result, these victims have the right to claim financial compensation. A Maui wildfire lawsuit can help a victim recoup their losses and rebuild their lives. However, it is important to know that filing a claim comes with deadlines. These are known as statutes of limitations and vary by case type and state. If a victim waits too long to file a claim, it will likely be lost for good.

It is also important to understand that a Maui fire lawyers can be crucial in the process. A legal representative can provide invaluable assistance when it comes to gathering and analyzing evidence, filing a claim, negotiating with insurance companies, and pursuing a legal case. The lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen are well-versed in Hawaii laws, including the state’s strict rules on personal injury claims and the complex procedures involved in fighting for a client’s rights in court.

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The lawyers at Singleton Schreiber are coordinating with local residents who have been affected by the fires and are working to uncover as much information as possible about what caused the fires. Their work is being aided by experts throughout the islands. They are also preparing for the inevitable wave of wrongful death suits against power supplier Hawaiian Electric Co.

Maui fire lawsuit

Just as large out-of-town law firms quickly swooped in after the 2017 North Bay fires and 2018 Camp Fire, which devastated California’s wine country and Butte County, and began signing up thousands of people to sue electric utility Pacific Gas & Electric, it appears that these same attorneys have now landed on Maui.

One of the firms, Takatani Agaran Jorgensen & Wildman, even partnered with Morgan & Morgan, another nationwide firm, in order to reach a wider audience. Several lawmakers have been featured on the flyer, and some are raising concerns about whether it’s appropriate for them to participate in legal challenges against their own constituents.

There is substantial evidence, including electrical equipment and burn progression, numerous witness accounts, and video footage that the fire that ravaged Lahaina was started by electricity generated by HECO. We believe that the company should be held responsible for its role in the catastrophic fires.