Facebook has become the most popular social network of the 20th century. It has the highest growth rate having added 100 million users in less than 9 months! It has become obvious: social networks and specifically Facebook are not just a fad, they are the form of interaction of the future.

friends and fans

On your personal page you can have a maximum of 5,000 friends. If you want to build a larger following, you may want to create a (business) page. On this type of page, both your friends and anyone else can click the “like” button. You don’t have to personally approve them and anyone interested can follow your content on the page.

More or less friends?

The number of friends you might want depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your Facebook presence. On your personal profile page, you want to be aware of your privacy settings regarding who can see your information. If you’re using your personal profile strictly on a personal basis, you may want to keep your number of friends low and limit it to people you really know. If you use your personal profile to improve your business, you will be more likely to have more friends.

approving friends

When approving friends, ask yourself: Am I okay with this person seeing all my personal status updates? That is the first and most important question, because otherwise you will have to exclude certain people from certain updates and it will become quite complicated to freely add content to your page. The next question depends on your use (as mentioned above): If you use it strictly for personal reasons, you may only approve people you really know, either in real life or through other channels. However, if you use your Page for other reasons or to improve your business, you may approve more people or anyone who asks you to be friends.

Find friends

“People You May Know” is the tool that matches people to your profile based on common people you and your friends know. You can easily add people from there and they will receive a request to approve you as their friend. You may have already received these types of requests: you can easily find them next to the Facebook logo on your page and the symbol shows the outline of two heads. If you have friends waiting to be approved, there will be a number next to the symbol indicating how many are waiting.

The meaning of the number of friends

If you find people who have many friends (over 1,000), it indicates that they approve of people they may not know personally. The goal of these people is to get their status updates out to as many interested people as possible. It’s rare that people personally know 500 other Facebook users. It’s important to remember that the more friends you have, the more new status updates you’ll find on your home page, and also potentially things that aren’t of real interest to you. Skimming this will take time.


Having more friends is not always better. As in real life, the quality of friends exceeds the quantity.

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