Cafe World is another typical restaurant themed game in which you, as a player, run a restaurant business with your trusted friends and turn it into a successful restaurant and number 1 in the world (Facebook anyway). This game developed by Zynga has some similar themes to Playfish Restaurant City and some twists of its own.

How to play
As the name describes it, Cafe World is all about the restaurant and cafe and as a player you are in charge of running it however you see fit. We start the game with the usual boy or girl gender customization screen. From there, Coffee World Instructor Amelia will walk you through how the game works and what needs to be done to make your coffee work. Cafe World is very straightforward and easy for everyone to follow.

For those who play Restaurant City they may feel a bit out of place when they play Cafe World for the first few minutes. Instead of the usual upgrade dishes, this game has no such options. Instead, the game allows you to prepare your own dishes yourself. For you, the player himself is his own boss and also the chef in his own Café.

The idea sounds a bit interesting for those who want to get into a bit of realism in their game, but once you level up a bit more, it can be a bit challenging to click on the 16 burners in your kitchen to try and get your dishes. repeatedly. Cook.

Alright, let’s look at the cooking part. You, as a chef, will have your trusty recipe book with you and within the book you will have some recipes unlocked during the start of the game. From there, you choose the easiest and cheapest foods you can produce. From there, you will continue to prepare your ingredients until the food cooks on the stove. Some foods take a few minutes to cook, while others, depending on the number of products and the cost of making, may take hours or days to prepare. This game focuses on those who want to sit in front of the game for hours or just a few minutes.

The best part of this game is that if you are the type that hates waiting for food to cook, then all you have to do is collect food from your friends who have posted on their wall. This can save you a lot of time if you are running out of food to serve your customer or dying for quick cash (will be explained in the tutorial)

Once you have prepared the food, you can serve it to the guest. This is where your friends come in. In the world of coffee shops, you really don’t have to go find your waiter / waitress. All you have to do is click on your friends list and simply choose who you want to work for you. Mainly, there are quite limited things you can do with your friends as all they do is serve the food to the customer. You can’t even customize her clothes. I find this quite limited as I want my friends to look their best instead of wearing a simple waiter costume. However, sometimes you find that some of your waiter or waitress dresses are a bit strange, as this is how its owner customizes it and you cannot change it.

Now we also look at your Coffee. The game is very easy to move around and everything is usually automated. All you have to do is bring your workers, prepare your food, and the necessary furniture to serve the food.

Cafe World’s stores and inventory allow players to customize how their Cafe works and how to make it work the way they want it to. From the tables to the chairs and from the decorations on the walls to the floor that customers walk on, everything can be personalized in any way that suits you best. However, there are some limitations in the game engine. I find that after changing the floor tiles, selling the items that are still in your inventory is quite difficult. I can only sell one item at a time! It can be quite troublesome as I have 30 tokens to sell and I have to do it 30 times to get the stock out of my inventory.

However, I do like the upload feature in Cafe World. It used to take more than 5 minutes just to load the game last time as it needs to load all the sprites and texture. Now the game loads faster, but in 3 phases. First, the game will load the engineer; once you’re in the game, the game will load the rest of the textures and layout. This reduces the loading time. I really appreciate how the developers manage to do that.

Once you spend some time playing this game, there are other features in the game that will keep the player busy. Things like getting special spices, helping friends with their mini-quest, or building your special stove that can allow you to prepare your food faster.

The game is very nice, it mixes 3D and 2D together. The models of your characters are animated in 3D and the texture is well done. Furniture and decor are also done with care as they look very detailed even when zoomed in (especially food). The movement and animation are quite smooth, but sometimes you will notice that the dishes will fly off the counter and drift onto the table. This is somehow a small bug that I notice very little of.

Cafe World has nice and very nice music. I couldn’t comment much on the sound system, as it is like any other simulator game that has the same old sound running in a loop.

I prefer to enjoy playing this game as it is a taste change compared to Restaurant City, however due to the slight changes in the game it takes some getting used to. However, it is a game worth investing your time in.

I give this game a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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