If you don’t have a lot of time and patience to expand your friends and network online, you might still have a chance to make a profit from Facebook. In fact, you could make money with Facebook pages. You may not need to primarily increase the number of your current friends to be able to do this. All you need to do is explore your creativity and skills to create impressive and persuasive pages that can be seen not only within the social networking site but also outside.

The first strategy to make money with Facebook pages is to create social ads. As a user of the social networking site, you must have noticed those ads embedded in the web pages. Such ads could be owned by major companies and even start-ups/small companies. People could also use social ads at more affordable prices. Ads appear on the left or right side of Facebook pages.

Social ads could earn Facebook revenue by cost per click or pay per click. The website earns by selling social ad space to users. For their part, users earn more by reaching more potential customers/buyers of their products and services. Many businesses and companies, both large and small, have proven that using social ads is an effective way to make money from Facebook Pages.

The second strategy to earn Facebook profit for users is to use developer apps, which could be efficiently placed on pages. Smart app developers effectively make money from Facebook Pages by creating ads that are embedded in the app. Good, attractive apps go viral and could entice users to share or recommend them to their Facebook friends and groups.

Developer apps might sell for around $1 or $2. If a user’s own app can sell in that retail price range, it’s probably done. The harvest of rewards could follow if the users are satisfied with the use of the application. Some apps are specially and specifically made to help users earn money from Facebook Pages by facilitating marketing and sales transactions. Such apps work wonders.

The use of social ads and developer apps may not be free, but users could surely earn more profit on Facebook. You must take advantage of the ever-growing network of the site online. Currently, there are up to 250 million users from all over the world. In your own community, everyone seems to have an account. Earn money with Facebook Pages through the marketing, advertising and sale of your products and services on the Website.