BMW Steering Wheels Have Built-In Airbags

Yes, BMW steering wheels have airbags for the driver and front passenger to protect them in the event of a crash. The airbags are concealed behind a cover in the steering wheel boss (for the driver) or in the dash for the passenger, and they’re activated when the sensor senses that an impact is occurring. The airbag control unit initiates the firing of a gas generator propellant that rapidly inflates the bag. The bag covers the head of the vehicle occupant and maintains inflation for up to seven seconds in rollover crashes.

If you hit the Buy BMW steering wheels at a high rate of speed, it can tear the horn pad apart. That could result in the deployment of the airbag, but it won’t tear off the rim itself or break a steering column screw. It could, however, damage the snap ring or tear the inner collar off of the upper bearing.

The inner collar on the upper bearing is a metal restrictor arm that prevents the airbag from fitting in the bearing more than one way. That’s a feature to protect the wheel from being damaged by overheating and rupturing the airbag inflator inside. To remove the horn pad and replace the upper bearing, you’ll need to get this arm off. There is a little plastic blind nut on the outside of this bolt that you can pull out slightly with a screwdriver to expose it.

Do BMW Steering Wheels Have Built-In Airbags?

There are many benefits of upgrading your BMW steering wheel. It can improve comfort and provide a more luxurious feel while also adding a custom look that reflects your personal style. These upgrades can be made from a variety of materials, including premium leather and Alcantara. They can also be designed with ergonomic considerations for better grip and hand placement.

The i8’s steering wheel has a unique design that isn’t found in any other BMW model. It has a modern-day supercar look that adds to the car’s appeal and a feeling of luxury while driving. The wheel also feels excellent in your hands and is the perfect size.

If you choose to upgrade your BMW steering wheel, be sure to consider all of the different options available. The material you use will greatly influence the look and feel of your steering wheel, so choose wisely.

If you’re looking for a custom look, consider adding carbon fiber to your BMW steering wheel. This material is extremely durable and lightweight. It’s also easy to clean and resistant to stains. With so many different colors and finishes, it’s easy to find a carbon fiber steering wheel that will enhance the look of your BMW. Be sure to keep your steering wheel clean to prolong its life and ensure optimal performance. A well-maintained steering wheel will also be more comfortable to drive for long periods of time.

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