So many things make the Provence region of France a great place to visit. Its incredible blue skies and undulating fields of yellow sunflowers, lavender and vineyards interspersed with terracotta roofs are breathtakingly magical. A visit to Provence would not be complete without an afternoon at one of its many outdoor cafes to experience its famous pastis with a plate of black olives for the first time.

Avignon is a great place to visit during the low tourist season, where you can spend an entire afternoon exploring not only its famous pont, but also the narrow streets and large indoor markets. In this Van Gogh land, a tour of his would be incomplete without spending an hour or two inside the famous Musee Angladon.

The open-air markets of Provence are a great getaway in the summer. You can enjoy the Provencal outdoors in the golden sunshine at each of the village markets mingling with buyers and sellers of a variety of farm fresh produce. The markets are also great places to explore the local cuisine, including the famous French pastries and pastries. A village market is also a wonderful place to experience the local Provence culture up close.

This charm and magic of the French countryside can easily be imported into your home without spending a fortune on interior design. You simply need a bit of creativity and a good understanding of French country life to transform your home into a charming rustic farmhouse similar to the farmhouses in Provence. Your decoration idea should revolve around the warmth of the sun and the meadows full of flowers. You should aim to create a natural and attractive style. Focus on a decorating style of soft green and golden yellow color schemes with a hint of pink, lavender, and different shades of red.

For the furniture, think about elements of rural and natural appearance. Dark wood furniture with a matte finish is the favorite in French country life. It is not necessary to buy new furniture, but a simple task of repainting what you already have will suffice. Incorporate antique-look metal and wrought iron elements to add French charm to your bathrooms, kitchen and dining room. Floral fabrics for your sofa and the addition of floral pillows can easily accentuate the feeling as long as they match the colors of your living room. Take a look at the images online for inspiration, then take what you like about the look to create your own d├ęcor.