Modern connected cars gather a wealth of information ranging from data on how the driver behaves to the car’s internal health. This information helps elevate the driving experience, improve safety and boost connectivity between cars and their surroundings.

Maidenhead-based autodata is one of the world’s leading providers of mission-critical technical vehicle data for professional mechanics. The company’s products, which are used in more than 80,000 workshops around the world, help them service, maintain and repair vehicles. Autodata began life as a printed maintenance manual in the mid 1970s, switched to offering CD-Roms 15 years ago and then online access a decade later. As the business evolved, Autodata recognised that its customers needed more than just access to Autotech Data. They also required the ability to integrate with their own applications using Autodata’s data. This required a secure API, known as a ‘web services API’, and Autodata turned to the TIBCO Mashery API Management Platform for help.

Mashery has enabled Autodata to deliver a range of new products based on its extensive vehicle data. These include the Autodata Vehicle Portal, an online application that provides mechanics with a range of data, including wiring diagrams, service schedules and labour estimates. The company has also launched a number of mobile apps that allow users to search and find the information they need quickly and easily.

The Autodata Data Exchange marketplace enables anyone with vehicle-related data to trade it independently of other market participants, with the option to make it personalised or anonymous. When developing the marketplace, Reksoft gave special attention to ensuring that the system was safe and convenient, and provided flexible mechanisms for connecting Data Exchange with sellers’ and buyers’ systems.

A key challenge for the Autodata team was to ensure the security of its PIPL-compliant web service API, which allows access to data stored on the server, but doesn’t require a user ID or password. Autodata’s technical engineers worked with TIBCO Mashery developers to create a secure, reliable and scalable solution that meets the requirements of its customers, including ensuring that only those who are authorized to access the data are able to do so.

In addition to the PIPL, Autodata is compliant with the National Security Law and the Privacy Protection Regulation, both of which contain strict controls on the use of personal information. This has helped it establish a solid foundation for future growth and has enabled it to continue building trust with its customers. Autodata is now well positioned to address the challenges of the digital age, and deliver on its promise to help its customers work more efficiently and improve the safety and reliability of the roads. This is thanks to the quality and depth of its data, which has been developed over four decades by its workforce of more than 200 people in Maidenhead, UK. It will continue to work with garages, parts manufacturers and car comparison websites in a bid to help them save time and money and keep their customers on the road.

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