In most circumstances, your capture page (or subscription page) should be a separate page. When a visitor clicks through to your site, they should have no choice but to subscribe to your offer. That is the sole and main purpose of a landing page.

This rule applies well to individual clients. But, if you want to capture the attention and sale of corporate clients, the rules of the online pages vary slightly.

While the goal of your page remains the same (getting subscribed), the focus of that goal is a little different because your target market is different.

Companies want more details about the company they are considering leasing their business to. They want to know about you, your methods, and your history when they review your proposal and refer colleagues to your page.

Corporations require all the information you can provide to assure them that they have done their homework and that you are the best fit for their needs. If you give them nothing more than a capture page to base their decision on, they will look for someone to tell them more.

To attract corporate clients, your page should include a link to an informational brochure that provides supporting information, lends credibility, and gives your company a bit of branding.

These informational pages that you use to sell to businesses may be sites that you do not advertise to the general public. But complex sales involving multiple decision makers require these support pages.

The information on these pages should include their testimonials, case studies, and lots and lots of reassurance. Many corporate decisions are based on improving your business while maintaining the status quo. Since that’s one of the most important things to your potential customers, your connection pages should address how your services can work in conjunction with them while improving overall business performance.

The wording of the pages of this brochure is very important. In my Corporate Customer Acquisition program, I include a special bonus called Inside the Mind of the Corporate Buyer. It is a resource designed to help you find the best words and language for your web pages. Presenting your information with well-researched, impactful vocabulary will get you the results you want when selling to businesses.

If corporate clients are your market, be sure to give them more: more information about you, more details about what you can do for them, and more assurance that you’re the right choice.

Give them everything they need to click submit and select your services.