A job fair provides a one stop solution for anyone looking for employment. You can meet and speak with multiple hiring managers and recruiters in a day without having to call or email them individually.

A job fair can be an effective recruitment strategy for any type of business. However, it is important to prepare before attending a job fair.

New Job Fairs and Networking Events Scheduled

Whether you are in your first year and just starting your job search, or about to graduate and need a full time position, these events are for you! Meet with employers and alumni to learn about full time, part time, co-op, or internship opportunities.

Attendees can speak one-on-one with recruiters to discuss their skills, experience, and career goals. Networking is a key strategy for a successful job/internship search and 80% – 85% of jobs are found through networking!

This event features hiring managers from a range of industries looking for professional level positions including accounting, consulting, education, finance, government/non profit, engineering, healthcare, marketing and more.

Employers that wish to participate in these events must register through jobs news, powered by Handshake. The list of participating employers is updated as they sign up to host an event. Students are encouraged to research the employer lists prior to attending and be prepared to share their resume with recruiters at the event.

Find a Job Fair Near You

Connect with employers from a variety of industries seeking full time opportunities for graduating students! Employers will be sharing details about their organization, job openings and more. Students will be able to interview on the spot for internships, fellowships and graduate positions. This fair is open to all majors and areas of study.

The virtual job fair will use Brazen Technology’s “conversational recruitment platform.” Students will be able to meet employers on a one-on-one basis at their booth and network using text or video chat. The fair is open to all Centennial students and alumni from the Business School and the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science.

Attending career fairs can save you a lot of time and energy in your search for a new job or internship. Be sure to dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes. Also, be sure to practice your interview skills before the event. Good luck!

Find a Networking Event Near You

Many people are skeptical of networking events, dismissing them as time wasting endeavors. However, networking initiatives are crucial to building valuable connections that can help you move your career forward.

Networking events can come in a variety of formats. You can find local networking events through event websites like Eventbrite or Meetup and by joining groups on Facebook. Your local chamber of commerce is another good resource for finding networking events in your area.

Career fairs are a great option for job seekers, allowing them to interview with multiple organizations in one day. Many of these events offer company presentations where representatives from each hiring company can provide details about their organization and current opportunities.

Some networking events are more structured and feature an expo-type format. These networking events may include workshops or seminars led by industry experts. They may also offer hands-on demonstrations of new software programs or tools in your field. This type of networking event can be intimidating for introverts and is best attended with a buddy.

Find a Job Fair in Your Area

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, job fairs are a great place to meet recruiters in person and discuss your interests and qualifications. These events are like speed dating for hiring. Prepare your resume ahead of time and come ready to talk about your skills and goals with the recruiters in attendance.

Connect with students from a wide range of disciplines who are seeking full-time employment, internships and fellowships in accounting, consulting, education, finance, health care, government/non-profit, marketing, media and technology industries. Register on Handshake.

Virtual career fairs are a convenient, low-stakes way to meet with employers and explore opportunities. Participants are given a few minutes with each internal employee through video or chat to discuss their skills, goals and interest before moving on to the next company/internship. These events are hosted by our local Career Centers and are a great opportunity to practice your networking skills with a variety of companies in your area.