The option to print free business cards is available these days. You can find free templates online, edit them a bit, and print them out so you have copies of your business card almost instantly. But there is a price to pay. The disadvantages will be discussed in this article.

Design and layout

One of the most obvious downsides is evident in the design and layout. Cards that are free often have limited options available and you can only choose from templates that are already pre-designed. No matter how many templates are offered on the site, there is still a tendency that someone has already downloaded the same design as you. The worst thing is that you can even share the same template with your competition. Therefore, it is still better to create a unique and totally original one, even if you have to pay for it.

Paper and material used

Aside from design and layout, the paper and material used also matters when it comes to effectiveness. Free cards are often printed on a low-quality type of paper or material. These get dirty and wrinkle easily. In some cases, high-quality material can be used, but you won’t expect an exceptional finish. Only professional printing services can matte, glossy and smooth finish items. You can also apply foil, dot, embossing and UV coating.

text and content

While design and layout are limited, the same is true of text and content. The pre-designed layout only allows you to edit the text and content that are already pre-defined in the order and layout as they appear on the card. You cannot create your own set of textual content according to what your profession or brand needs. You can’t rearrange the layout as well.

Professional and paid cards allow you at least the freedom to choose where specific text will be placed. These include your personal or company information, the products or services offered, contact details and more.

Cost effectiveness

Most users are under the impression that using free materials is more cost-effective, since most print services only charge for shipping and handling. In some cases, it can even be offered completely free of charge. But since the material used is of lower quality, they may not even last long enough to be distributed. You may need to spend money again, whether it’s just for shipping and handling, to have a new game at your disposal.

In terms of distribution, there is still no denying the fact that free products are of lower quality. As mentioned above, they get dirty or wrinkle easily. This leaves an unfavorable impression on you or your company. You or your brand will soon be forgotten by the time the cards are thrown away.

Therefore, it is even more profitable to spend money on original business cards, professionally designed and made of high-quality material. You will find that the long-term result will be worth it.

Imprint and attention

When it comes to first impressions, free items aren’t competitive enough compared to high-quality prints. Obviously, any potential customer will be impressed and will pay more attention to the best quality printed cards than cheaply printed ones.

Most are not actually completely free. There is a corresponding fee which is often advertised on the back of the card. Your potential customers will be distracted by the logo or slogan of the printer. Your attention will be diverted from the actual content of the card or the message you want to convey.

brand and profession

When it comes to printing, free business cards do not offer a professional look for a business card. They also do not promote brand awareness for a company card as they are co-branded. High-quality cards, on the other hand, can provide a professional-looking card with your personal branding or company logo, tagline, mission statement, and other details prominently displayed.

Business cards represent who you are as a professional or what your company is about as a brand. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression by presenting only business cards that are professional in appearance, made of high-quality material, with an original and attractive design, and attractive content that promotes your personal or company brand. All these advantages will prove that it is worth spending money on highly effective business cards.