Influencer marketing works like a charm and the whole world supports it. But without a solid marketing strategy, even the best influencer marketing software doesn’t pay off. You need to know the best practices for shooting two birds with one stone. Whether it’s choosing the right influencer or delivering user-centric content, everything has to be done seamlessly.

Check out some of the best practices for influencing marketing to help you get a high return on your investments:

1. Use the principals and micro influencers

Most brands prefer top influencers over micro influencers. This is where they lose a large part of the return on investment. Various studies have suggested that micro influencers attract audiences better than top influencers.

In other words, they actively contribute to your campaign performance and cost you a fraction of the price. You shouldn’t completely ignore them. Using a combination of the best bloggers and micro influencers for your marketing campaign is the best practice that produces excellent results.

2. Produce user-centric content

Generating any content hastily often backfires. To make your investment count, know the content that your audience typically engages with. Spend plenty of time figuring out the nature of the content they appreciate. Keep it authentic and attractive to get their attention. Create user-centric content that gently encourages your potential customers to engage with you. It is the best practice to generate more profit on your way.

3. Give them full control over creative content

Although you know your brand better than influencers, it’s still not a good idea to put a tab on your influencer’s creativity. If you allow it, you will only hurt your foot. It’s because influencers know the type of content your audience likes to see online. You should leave them free to create the content they want. It is the best marketing practice if you want to experience a high return on investment without any success or proof.

4. Evaluate your performance metrics

Tracking the performance of your campaign is just as important as setting it up. It’s probably the best practice to evaluate the ROI of your influencer-focused marketing campaign. Simply provide the tracking codes to your influencers to effectively track each performance metric without losing sight of it. This way, you can analyze if you are really getting returns on the investments you had planned at the beginning of the campaign.


Influencer-based marketing works only for those brands that follow best practices. If your influencer marketing campaigns aren’t delivering the results you expect, then it’s time to revamp your strategy. Without sticking to best practices, even the best influencer marketing software doesn’t deliver the return on investment. If you want to get the most returns with minimal effort, it is crucial to follow industry best practices and the most important ones have been mentioned here for you.

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