The sooner you fix a mobile base, the less damage it will cause. These problems are sometimes difficult to diagnose and foundation repairs often need to be left to professionals.

Check what symptoms you have below. Some obvious indicators of base movement are:

1. Are there cracks in your base?

2. Do you have bulky concrete walls?

3. Do you suspect any type of foundation movement?

Any or all of the above can be cause for alarm!

4. Do you have cracks on the floor and wall?

5. Do you notice a door that is stuck and does not open or close correctly?

6. Do you have a floor that is not level? Do your windows get stuck or do not open or close correctly?

7. Is there any water intrusion in your house?

8. Do you have mold growth?

9. Are there cracks in your exterior brick?

10. Do you have cracks in your joists and joists?

11. Are there wooden partitions either inside or outside your house?

If you think you need residential foundation repairs, you MUST act fast! Things could be much worse if you wait. It is not worth risking your life and that of your relatives. This kind of problem is also not for do-it-yourselfers. You are going to want a trusted, experienced company. Many times a spouse or family member means well and thinks they can go ahead and try to figure it out on their own. Say no!