There are multitudes of cabinet door ideas that are sure to make your contemporary decor stand out. Replacing your old door with a Stanley version is one of these creative ideas.

A mirrored closet door not only brightens up an area but also makes it appear larger. You can also have a folding or sliding model, depending on your preferences. Additionally, one can function as a full-length mirror, thus eliminating the need to purchase a separate mirror to hang on the other side of the door. This option gives you a full view when you get dressed.

Stanley mirrored cabinet doors may not come cheap, so it is recommended that you compare prices from various online retailers (ie before purchasing a replacement. Here are some for your perusal:

2700 Series Heavy Duty Steel Folding Door with Mirror Laminate:

This heavy-duty bi-fold door features a 24 gauge laminated steel mirror. It comes with a hardware system, Slimfold hat, spring loaded self-adjusting guide rods, a 3mm thick safety backed mirror and chrome handle. polished. It has a polished chrome option for the prefinished steel rail, as well as a mirror polished chrome trim. Panel color options are ivory, black, and gloss white. This door is available under model number 2750.

4400 Series Steel Framed Folding Mirror Door:

This door provides a seamless look with its non-visible frame. Standard features are bracket hinges, 3mm thick safety backed mirror, prefinished top and bottom rails to match the door, and anodized aluminum handles. Color options are vanilla, gloss white, black, architectural brown, arctic silver, gloss gold, and satin gold.

2020 series steel frame sliding mirror door with bottom roller:

This door can be adjusted for out-of-square openings. It also has top L-tracks that you can adjust for smooth and quiet operation, skip-resistant bottom roller, one-piece top rail with 1 and ¾ inches depth, 3mm thick safety backed mirror with mirror option. 4mm thick for heights over 7ft and prefinished top and bottom rails. Color options for stiles and rails are Architectural Brown, Vanilla, Glossy White, Arctic Silver, Architectural Brown, Glossy Gold and Satin Gold.

2200 Series Heavy Duty Mirror Laminated Steel Sliding Door:

This heavy-duty gate is designed for constant use and is easy to install. The laminated mirror is attached to a 24 gauge steel panel. It comes with a ball bearing nylon bottom roller with one inch of vertical adjustment, a 3mm thick safety backed mirror and a handle and lip. polished chrome mirror.

SpaceSaver overlay cabinet doors:

This door is available in various glass combinations with single and double swing frame options. You can choose a set of doors with decorative or glass mirrors or vanity mirrors. This gate is designed for easy hanging. It has an overlapping opening that does not require a door frame.

4550 Series Aluminum Mirror Sliding Door System:

The elegant design of this door makes it an ideal replacement door for your bedroom or any room in your home. The stunning anodized aluminum look of this door equals its superior performance. This door will not chip, peel or fade easily. Available finish options are satin, bronze, bright silver, bright gold and golden bronze. You can combine the door with interior trim, window frames, bathroom fixtures, and hardware to create a modern look in your home.

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