Yin Yoga Mastery

If you want to explore yin yoga and discover its profound effects on the body and mind, these online courses will help you expand your practice and deepen your knowledge. These classes are taught by highly respected teachers who are passionate about sharing this transformative yoga style with others.

In this yin yoga teacher training online course, you will learn how to guide your students through a powerful and healing yin yoga class with confidence. You will develop the skills and knowledge you need to teach yin yoga at any level, from beginners to advanced students. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the history of yin yoga and how to incorporate the philosophy into your classes.

You will study a range of poses that stretch and strengthen the fascia, releasing trapped energy and improving joint mobility. This will allow you to relax deeply, and experience a sense of calm and stillness. This is a great way to improve your health and well-being, as it can increase blood circulation and release suppressed emotions. You will feel revitalized and relaxed after taking a yin yoga class.

Yin Yoga Mastery: Virtual Teacher Training

Yin yoga is a slow and gentle form of yoga. It is designed to work with the connective tissue of the body and is suitable for people with stiffness, injuries or chronic pain. Its slow movements also encourage you to check in with your muscles, allowing you to find the line between comfort and strain. The slowness of yin yoga also allows you to use props, which can make the poses more accessible to different body types.

This 50-hour online yin yoga teacher training combines the essentials of a yin training (fascia, meridians, acupressure and yin yoga sequencing) with practices that nurture the feminine energy in ourselves and others, such as cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, journaling and Taoist energy work. It is a great option for yoga teachers, herbalists, acupuncturists and any practitioner of alternative medicine who would like to deepen their own yin practice or add it to their teaching.

The course is self-paced and includes access to pre-recorded material. There are also monthly live Zoom sessions with the course instructor and other members of the community. You will receive a certification of completion after completing five live sessions or watching five recordings of each session. This course will count as 50 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

In this yin yoga training, you will learn to identify and treat common problems in your students, such as muscle pain, stiffness, poor posture and a lack of flexibility. You will develop your teaching and guiding skills, including how to modify poses for all levels, and explore yin yoga theory. You will also learn how to incorporate meditation and breathwork into your yin classes. You will leave this course feeling confident and inspired to lead your students through a powerful yin yoga class.