Even the beginning gardener can grow some herbs in containers. It is a very cost-effective way to start your own home herb garden. It is also very rewarding to see and use your own home grown produce knowing that it is healthy and pesticide free.

Growing your herbs in containers not only looks great but is very practical as your herbs will be useful for you to use but will also create an interesting display on your patio or patio area.

When space is at a premium in cities, there is often no more than a terrace, balcony or small garden, so container gardening is ideal as it is the only way to grow some fresh herbs and other plants . Growing herbs in containers provides a way to soften the landscape and bring the garden to your doorstep, capturing the richness of the passing seasons.

The type of container you use will vary with different materials, shapes, and textures, from plastic and terracotta pots to whatever container you have. All your container requires are drainage holes and a good soil mix. Half barrels are a good size for bundling a variety of herbs. Ugly containers can be hidden among foliage or hidden behind more glamorous planters. Using containers of the same color and style can look effective with different herbs planted in each one.

The size of the container is important as it should be large enough to hold enough potting mix for plants to root safely and supply enough moisture and nutrients to support growth, with holes for drainage. There is no use planting a laurel tree in a 6-inch pot as it needs more soil to grow well as it will become a large tree.

To give your herb garden containers an individual look, you can decorate your own pots. An easy way to do this is to paint or stencil a plain pot to match your color scheme.

Since frost can damage some containers, you should think about the durability of the ones you have, especially if they are expensive. You may need to bring your containers undercover in areas with severe frost.

Large filled containers are difficult to move, so whenever possible, plant them where they will remain. If you need to move them, use a specially designed low cart with wheels, or roll your container on its side. You can count on the help of a strong person. Make sure your containers are protected from strong winds by placing them against a wall or other shelter. Or you can add some decorative stone to add weight to a plastic pot and also help retain moisture.

Remember that many herbs have flowers that come in a variety of colors and scents. Grouping a few containers of different lavenders together with their purple blooms not only makes a great focal point, but it also smells great. You can use the flowers as a garnish or flavor for icings and sauces.

Herbs that grow well in containers include: parsley, thyme, basil, chives, rosemary, tarragon, marjoram.

You’ll be rewarded with a successful planting if you follow a few guidelines that ensure the right conditions for vigorous, healthy plants, even if you’re a novice gardener. All that is needed to get started is good drainage of water, food and light and ongoing maintenance such as picking some herbs regularly.

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