The word ‘creed’, as you probably know, comes from the Latin word ‘credo’ which means ‘I believe’ and can best be described as a statement of faith and belief.

I was first introduced to the concept of Creed development as a young soldier when I joined the airborne forces. They had a strong sense of identity, pride, honor and code of conduct for the standards that were set and demanded that all who join ‘the brotherhood’ know, understand and embrace it as well.

Over the years, I created a creed of my own, filled with the standards that I was committed to living my life by. It has helped me take a clear and (relatively) straight path throughout most of my life, and it has also helped me get back on track whenever I ‘lose’ myself.

I have written my most recent amendment to my original creed below as an example, but I strongly suggest that you hold your own creed workshop and commit to taking your written copy with you and reading it as many times a day as you read your goals.

I think you will be amazed at the clarity, focus, and purpose it brings you.

Here’s an example of my creed so you can use it as a template for yours.

I will honor my word as if the fate of humanity depended on it and I promise to be true to myself and others at all times … even when it is difficult or unprofitable to do so.

I will live my life as full of joy and happiness as I am able to create and experience in each day, hour and minute.

I will dedicate myself to becoming a being of positivity, love, and creation rather than negativity, fear, and destruction.

I will promise to suspend disbelief, even when the act of believing seems impossible.

I will help others by developing and using as much personal power as possible for myself and using it in

ways to help others find and develop their own.

I will demand excellence of myself in all things and at all times and will forgive my own fallibility when I find that my performance is not excellent.

I will help others to demand and achieve excellence for themselves as well and extend the same compassion to them when they fall short.

I will not fear failure, but will commit to moving in the direction of my dreams with the full knowledge that, by definition, every failure MUST also contain the equivalent seeds of success.

I will get up every time I fall, knowing that it is not the fall that makes me a failure … but staying down.

I will get everything I De-Serve as a result of the service I render to others. Knowing this, I will dedicate each day to providing the best possible service.

I will dare to do something worthy every day that I live so that my life is worth something for each person with whom I come in contact.

I will remind myself as often as I can that I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!

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