Most weightlifters and bodybuilders use various types of dumbbells, such as cast iron dumbbells, chrome dumbbells, and vinyl dumbbells. Although the main purpose of all these weights is to allow the bodybuilder to do extensive training to build his stronger and fitter body, they are still different from each other in shape, style, appearance and colors. Here in this article, a brief information about vinyl dumbbells will be provided to get to know them more closely, if you are not familiar with them.

Introduction with vinyl weights

Dumbbells or vinyl weights are training weights made of solid concrete covered with a material made of hard plastic. It will be a good choice for you to start your weight training if you are new to this field. The main reason newbies start with vinyl dumbbells is that they allow them to practice according to their form and perform correctly in all types of weight-bearing exercises. Lifting weights correctly is actually the most important part of weight training, but the best way to lift weights is still a debatable question.

What are they?

Durable vinyl coated concrete dumbbells are used for various high class extreme training exercises. They are normally used to prevent any functional injury or weight trainer rehabilitation. Available in various weight levels, these dumbbells are vinyl-coated and durable. You can use them according to the strength of your arms.

How are vinyl dumbbells made?

Basically, they are made of concrete and covered with vinyl to give them a smooth and elegant look. They are made in different sizes and weights so that everyone can use them according to their own weightlifting potential.

vinyl dumbbell packaging

The dumbbells are packaged in pairs to make it easy for the user to transport and store. They are usually packed in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 10kg packs containing 2 pieces of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg each respectively.

Manufacture of vinyl dumbbells.

Making the dumbbells is a step-by-step process. First, a cast iron mold is prepared according to the size and style of the dumbbell to be made. The molds are created somewhat lighter than the weight of the finished dumbbell you want, as the vinyl liner also has some weight to it that will add to the initial weight of the cast iron mold.

The second step is to dip the cast iron dumbbell mold into hot vinyl in molten form so that its coating can cover the entire mold. Cast vinyl is used in different colors to give the final cufflinks a unique and attractive look.

Machinery used in manufacturing.

In order to manufacture quality vinyl dumbbells, the highest quality cast iron molding machines are used to make dumbbells to the exact size and weight. Vinyl is basically made with the help of crude oil and salt. Ethylene is obtained by cracking crude oil or petroleum and chlorine by electrolytic salt splitting to make vinyl.

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