BMW continues to dominate luxury car markets around the world as more car players enter the arena. Automotive technology has definitely changed exponentially in the last 50 years. With the entry of more automakers into the world market, competition has intensified as each automaker tries to prove themselves. While it is a true claim that most of these automakers have brought truly wonderful features to the cars they have produced, some automakers continue to dominate the luxury divisions. One of them is the BMW. There are many brands of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), but one brand that has caught the eye is the x5 sport utility version.

A new x5 is a technological marvel. It took a while for BMW to join the SUV market, but when it did, it represented itself well. This statement was sent solidly through the X5, which is a next-generation sport utility vehicle.

A new x5 can cost up to $ 55,000.00. This can be a considerable amount and due to tough economic times, many are looking for bargain prices and have therefore settled on looking for a used BMW x5. Used versions can be just as delicious depending on the actual condition and the dealer. Car dealerships like CarMax take special care to ensure that a used model conforms to actual quality standards. This means extensive testing is done on the real model to ensure everything is in shape. A used BMW x5 can cost you between $ 20,000 and $ 45,000 depending on the features installed.

The x5 is typically 4-door and comes with standard SUV features. It has an 8 cylinder 32v v8 engine that runs mostly on gasoline. Hybrid brands are still in the works. The exterior deviates a bit from the standard “Big Three” SUV models in that it appears to be more compact. It comes with a 5-speed or automatic transmission that features dynamic stability that allows passengers to experience some of the smoothest travel in the motoring world.

The interior comes with climate-controlled air conditioning that employees controlled by computer. This means that the front of the car can have a completely different temperature setting than the rear seats. Some models come equipped with additional accessories, such as an auxiliary DVD player with a screen that opens much like the inside of an airplane. The sound system is Bose, offering customers an extra layer of luxury. The speakers are optical surround sound, which is ideal for very high quality orchestral sound.

Other features include heated seats, dual climate controls, cruise control, and tinted windows. It also comes with ABS antilock brakes and dual airbags. Newer models also have side airbags. Most of the features that come pre-installed on most high-end vehicles are also standard on the X5, such as power steering, power windows, front and rear windshield wipers, automatic side mirrors, and the like.

The best place to buy a used BMW x5 is at your local dealership. This is due to two things; One is that you can physically examine the vehicle and even take a test drive. The second is that you can take advantage of the service guarantee that is offered. eBay is another great place, too.