A culture of the heart is emerging in the world. We are moving from a culture of the mind. The mind has brought us to where we are today. It will be the heart that leads us into a new era.

How can we think of the heart? The heart is physical, emotional and spiritual. The heart synthesizes and the mind analyzes. Our core being is found within our hearts. The heart is the basis of all religion. A mystic is one who connects with the divine current through meditation practices. Anyone can do this.

I teach and practice a type of meditation called Heart Rhythm Meditation>. This is a type of heart meditation. The focus is on the breath and the heartbeat. Awareness and breath control are common to meditation, but concentration on our heartbeat is unique to this practice. Did you know that you can hear your own heartbeat? May. Anyone can. It’s comforting once you find it and listen to its steady beat.

The first sound a newborn hears in the womb is the mother’s heartbeat. The first organ to form in a newborn is the heart. Start beating first. Then everything else develops from that. We have a primary feeling for the constant sound of the heartbeat.

The heart is the body’s main clock. It is much slower than the mind. So we listen to our heartbeat or pulse and synchronize our breathing with it. Connecting with this clock slows down our mind because the mind moves at a much faster rate than the pulse. The heart is our inner clock that we can take a look at any time we want.

Exhaling 6 beats and inhaling for 6 beats. This creates balanced breathing. And then something amazing happens. The rhythm of the heartbeat begins to follow the rhythm of the breath. The heart rate slows down and our heart rhythms become a smooth, rhythmic wave. The heart rate is actually trained with the respiratory rate. Scientists call this Cardiac Coherence. It is a state in which the immune system, the hormonal system, the cardiovascular system and the nervous system work in harmony. The more consistency you create, the less stress.

Biofeedback devices can show you your own heart rhythms through what’s called “heart rate variability.” Research shows that a low HRV is a predictor of early mortality. So increasing our HRV and creating our own cardiac coherence is healing for our heart.

Our physical heart benefits from consistency. There is much less stress and much more elasticity in our responses. We can stretch our energetic hearts to connect with life. This is done with the breath. Breathe rhythmically and slowly and deeper and quietly. Your blood pressure will begin to drop. Your heart rate will slow down.

Our mind and body, heart and emotion become one in meditation. Stay on top of your heartbeat. It keeps you focused on the vastness. Stay present to what is happening in your body.

There is a wisdom in how we feel about things. The feeling comes from the heart. What does your heart say? Listen to your heartbeat. This is how you start listening to your heart. Find its physical heartbeat in the middle of your chest. Put your hand on your heart. That will bring your attention to your heart.

Now breathe rhythmically and imagine your breath moving in and out of your heart. This is called heart breathing. It is very simple and relaxing.

Your heart contains a desire that has been with you all your life. If you meditate on this, in your heart, you will remember what that desire is. It may have been covered by the experiences of life, but it has always been with you.

Living from the heart is listening to the guidance of your heart and trusting its wisdom and power. The secret law of attraction comes from your heart. What you send from your heart is what comes back to you. So send lots of love to whatever you want or need. It’s like a mirror that reflects what you turn off.

Let your heart open and expand. This is the message of the heart.

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