Of the different breeds of dogs our family has owned, the two Weimaraners my parents owned during the 1960s were the best protectors of our home and family. While it typically grew to about twenty-seven inches tall and was expected to weigh up to seventy-seven pounds, ours grew larger, heavier, and were able to look a six-foot adult in the eye when raised. Since the breed is strong, agile and full of energy, our home at the time located near a semi-private beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast was perfect for “Saber” and “Jet” to frolic in the foam of the incoming waves and drain off the excess energy that inevitably builds up when we are confined to our homes.

Dogs as strong and large as a Weimaraner require proper training to teach them how to behave properly, and if their new owner isn’t sure how to do it, signing up for obedience classes or getting other professional help while the dogs are still puppies is a good idea. . .

Why a Weimaraner is a good dog to have protection

While each owner’s needs may differ and there are many other breeds that are capable of providing adequate protection, Saber and Jet, our AKC (American Kennel Club) registered male Weimaraner puppies from the same litter were ideal for the needs of our family. . Here are some helpful examples drawn from our experience gained while living with them.

  • His kind ways with family and friends.

Patient with the young children of family and friends, it was not uncommon to find our friend’s young daughter riding on Saber’s back. He would never intentionally allow any harm to happen to her. When allowed to do so, they would often but clumsily climb onto the lap of a family member with their rump hanging off one end of the lap and their head and forelegs seeking a resting place on the other. They were also quite willing to sit down and perform other canine tricks in exchange for the expected treat.

  • Your ability and willingness to provide necessary protection

In order for dogs to provide adequate protection, it is obvious that they must be able to distinguish friends and family from potential enemies. So we made sure the dogs were introduced to non-resident family and friends under controlled circumstances.

One day, a friend came to visit us unexpectedly, and finding our front door open with a rather loud voice, he announced his presence and started opening the door to enter our house. Both dogs, hearing her approach and not knowing who she was, immediately began running towards the front door to confront the intruder growling and barking. Fortunately for everyone involved, the dogs recognized our guest and slowed down, skidding across the floor in their attempt to stop. Saber and Jet were certainly willing and able to protect our family and home from intruders, as illustrated by the example given, and we felt very safe knowing that we were being watched out for.


Assessing your own need for protection and selecting the right breed to provide it is the responsibility of every dog ​​owner. But within the context of a family home and visiting friends, we find that our Weimaraners make good pets and wonderful protectors of our personal safety. But his need for proper socialization, training, vigorous exercise, and enough open space to get it is essential. They are not suitable for life in confined cities.

Although this breed is stubborn, in the right hands it is capable of learning and doing just about anything.

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