Everyone loves fairy lights. They look great, can be used almost anywhere, and with so many colors and styles available, there is the perfect fairy light option for all people and occasions. Whether you’re looking for some fancy white fairy lights to brighten up a vase full of flowers, or throwing a teen disco themed party and want some colorful twinkling string lights, you will always find the right fairy lights for your needs. .

Most accent lights are now available in both a traditional, plug-in version, and cordless battery lights. Some are even available in USB format. They are used for everything from Christmas and birthday parties to wedding receptions and more, yet they can also be used as a fantastic home decoration all year round. In almost all cases, battery-operated lights outperform plug-in lights as a better, cheaper, and safer option to choose from. These are some of the top benefits of choosing battery powered lights for your fairy lighting needs.

Use them anywhere

Unlike traditional accent lights that must be plugged into a socket, battery-operated lamps can be used anywhere, at least on the surface. From small strings used to decorate vases and photo frames, to extra long string lights used for outdoor venues, it is always possible to buy battery-operated versions of whatever colored lights you want if you are looking for them. You are not limited by the need to hang them at a certain distance from the nearest electrical outlet, nor should they only be used indoors. You can pop drum lights in the trees, on your roof, on your roof … the opportunities are endless.

No unsightly cables

Battery lamps can not only be used almost anywhere, but they will also look great no matter where you choose to place them. There are no long, unsightly cables running away from them, which doesn’t mean a tripping hazard, either. With its vastly improved versatility, aesthetic appeal, and practicality, using drum lights is a win, win, win.

Lower risk of fire

When plugging fairy lights or string lights into a wall socket, there is a danger that the socket will overheat if you leave the lights on for long periods of time, and this can cause a fire. You can minimize this risk by using battery powered lights, as this is a single unit that does not receive more power than the batteries can provide, eliminating the risk of a potentially dangerous power surge.

Cheaper to run

Lights that run on electricity will consume, on average, more power than battery powered lights. Of course, the batteries will eventually need to be changed, but by purchasing rechargeable batteries, you ensure that you don’t have to keep buying new batteries, and recharging a set of batteries costs a lot less than turning on the lights for the same amount of time. Therefore, battery powered lights will save you money in the long run.

Extra durable

As battery powered lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, manufacturers have generally done their best to ensure that these portable fairy lights can withstand different weather conditions. In general, you will find that battery powered lights are much more durable and long lasting than traditional plug-in lights.

Overall, I think the benefits of battery powered lights are clear when it comes to choosing the correct colored lights for your needs. However, if you have decided to go for battery powered lights, there is still the decision on which ones to choose exactly, with numerous different varieties available. From elegant clear or white lights to multi-colored versions, you will be able to find absolutely any color you want. You can also choose between bulbs that stay on permanently, flashing lights or with a special lighting sequence such as waves. Finally, there are also many different types of battery powered lights available beyond the humble string of lights. You may want to purchase thick string lights that are especially useful for outdoors thanks to the fact that the bulbs are insulated from the elements, or you may want to choose a net or curtain lights to easily decorate the walls and create a backdrop. awesome background for any event.

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