Yet another advantage of blogging is that it has a feature that allows other people to comment in your space. This is a great way to get good feedback and a wonderful give-and-take system where your customers can tell you about their reactions to your page content and you adjust accordingly. Most professional blogs call this a sign of trust, because you trust your audience to provide you with constructive criticism and expect you to change your content when necessary.

Let us now turn to the cons aspect of our discussion. We’ve already said that there are some people who don’t really have a lot of valuable things to say, so this is a scam to begin with. Good business blogs are hard to find because only a few bloggers can distribute easily understandable text that will attract public interest and take them to action. Anyone can start a blog, but the real work comes when it’s time to maintain it. And while blogs offer free advertising and marketing, the writing time factor for your content should also be considered. Typing can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re not used to it or are really determined to make it sound really good. If you don’t update your blog with good quality content, you risk losing valuable reputation points.

While hiring a professional writer to regularly update your organization’s blog with good quality content is a good move on your part, this again will cost you some valuable income. Only do this when you feel like you’ve generated a large enough following to offset the costs of hiring a professional writer.

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