Truth or Dare is a classic party game for teens. It is such a popular game that many twists and alternate versions have been invented since the original. If you are thinking of playing this game at your teen party, but are concerned that it might sound like a cliché, then you might want to consider these fun spin-offs. For all games you will need to create some good truth or dare to use.

1. Dance and dare

While the music is playing and all your guests are dancing, throw a balloon into the mix. Let your friends have fun moving around the dance floor, but when the music stops, the fun begins. After stopping the music, the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the truth or challenge (T or D) inside. Then start the music again and toss another balloon. If you want, you can throw two balloons for each round, one for truth and one for challenge. Be sure to pack lots of balloons ahead of time. Write fun challenges on strips of paper and insert them into the balloons before blowing them up.

2. I’ve never done it – Teen version

This is a fun truth-or-dare version of the popular “I’ve never done it” party game. Pass each three pennies or poker chips (something similar) to keep score. A person begins a sentence with “I have never …” and then must end the sentence by adding something they have never done before. Everyone who has done this before must give up one of their points. Then it is the next person’s turn to make a “never have” statement. If a person loses all their points, then they must take out of the naughty bag (a bag filled with pieces of truth or dare question paper) and answer the truth or complete the challenge they take out. Then they can have three more points to keep playing.

3. Truth and liars

In this fun party game for teens, you will have to decide which of your friends is lying. You can do it? If not, you will have to pay the consequences! Catch the liar and he will pay the price.

How to play: Take three tiles and write the truth on the back of two of them and the liar on the back of the other. Place the cards face down and have three players choose one without showing the other players. Now ask a question like: What is the most embarrassing thing your mom or dad has ever done in front of you? Each must respond according to their card: two being honest, the other lying. You and the rest of your friends must come to an agreement on who the liar is. If you guess correctly, then the liar must perform a T or D, but if the liar has his way, then he can choose someone else to fill in a truth or dare to question or challenge. Then choose three new contestants and play again. Very funny!

4. Mr. Freeze

This is another fun truth or dare game for teens. This game can be played throughout the party. One person is designated as Mr. Freeze. Any time during the party should be frozen. All who realize it must freeze too. The last person to freeze must complete a challenge. Then they become the next Mr. Freeze.

5. Bite the Bag – Truth or Dare Version

This is a fun game to watch and play. Place a brown paper bag on the ground. A player must lean on one foot and lift it up with their mouth. The only thing that can touch the ground is your foot, and the only thing that can touch the bag is your mouth. If someone fails or falls, they must reach into the bag and draw a Truth or dare to complete. After each round, cut an inch off the top of the bag and play again. This game is like limbo upside down. How low can you go?

Be sure to pack the truth or dare question bag before the party. Write individual truths or challenges on slips of paper; fold them in half before putting them in the bag. Make sure you have lots of fun and fun challenges.