Nokia’s N-Series range of high-spec mobile phones has recently gained increased exposure as the manufacturer’s most sophisticated handset to date was launched, the Nokia N96 has seen one of the fastest network rollouts ever seen on the market. of mobile phones. Currently, this new model has been purchased by all the major network operators in the UK, all within seven days of each other, this is testimony to consumer demand for the new Nokia N96.

A new color variant of this high-tech phone has now been added to the N-Series range to complement the original black edition, the new Nokia N96 Quartz takes its name from the color of the outer casing. The features, design and technology of the device remain exactly the same as the black version, however, the Nokia N96 Quartz swaps the black casing for a new silver finish.

Although a minor alteration, the sheer popularity of this phone means that both models will be in high demand, for those consumers who want to stand out from the crowd there is the Quartz edition, while consumers who want a cutting-edge mobile phone that looks as the part you can opt for the black version.

Featuring the same unique dual-slide design as the previous N95 and N95 8GB Black models, the Nokia N96 comes in a sleek black casing and features a stunning 2.8″, 16 million color display. Slide the stand to the side to reveal the media playback controls, while sliding it to the other side allows the user to access the number pad.

Everything good about the Nokia N95 is continued or improved on in the N96. It still features the sharp 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss Optics camera with video functionality, built-in GPS and fast internet connection. One of the most obvious additions comes in the form of the phone’s memory, which doubles the N95’s previous 8GB with a new 16GB of storage space. The voluminous capacity of the Nokia N96 allows users to store and carry a wide variety of media and other documents on the go.

The Nokia N96 runs on the Symbian 9.3 operating system and is powered by 128 MB of RAM, the graphics quality and clarity are second to none. The multitude of media applications, from live TV to blockbuster movies, benefit greatly from the quality of the display and the power behind it. With a built-in accelerometer, it’s also easy to rotate the screen to enjoy a wider aspect image for watching movies, movies or using the music player.

The Nokia N96 Quartz was initially launched on the O2 network in the UK, meaning consumers can plug the phone into a range of O2 rates depending on their usage requirements.

O2 Direct, the network behind the name, will not stock this new phone, but consumers who want the N96 on an O2 rate will need to purchase their phone from an independent retailer or dealer. O2 themselves are concentrating on Apple’s iPhone and simply can’t subsidize the price of the new N-series phone.

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