A letter from Santa Claus could possibly be the most magical gift you give your children this year. Letters from Santa Claus can really light up a child’s face, especially younger children who still believe in Santa, the Elves, and his workshop at the North Pole.

The traditional Santa letter used to be something that Mom or Dad wrote on Christmas Eve, but let’s face it, kids are getting smarter these days and therefore as parents we really need to try a little harder. to keep the wonderful illusion of Santa Claus alive in our children’s minds.

Nowadays, there are companies online that offer a fantastic low-cost service, where they send a letter from Santa Claus, complete with a postage stamp from the North Pole, but for families who really think about the modern day, there are even some interesting ones. Modern variants of the classic Santa Claus cards.

Below, I take a look at the three main types of Santa lettering that are available to you.

Suggestion one: Classic letter from Santa

The classic Santa Claus lyrics remain by far the most popular of the genre. Partly because of the low expense involved, but also because people can be fans of tradition and like the idea that Santa still prefers a more old-fashioned method of corresponding with children around the world.

Suggestion two: Personalized DVD Message from Santa

A modern alternative to the classic letter from Santa Claus is, of course, a personalized video message from the great man. Using a cleverly thought-out form on the website, you can create a video message as if Santa Claus is talking to your child personally. Just watch her little face light up when Santa mentions her name and they see her name written on a gift tab on a gift at Santa’s workshop. Please note that there is a limited number of names these video messages have been created for, so children with more unusual names can unfortunately get lost.

Suggestion three: Live phone call from Santa

Finally, the most recent format in this genre is that of a live phone call from Santa Claus. Made by a professional actor, these calls can get really interactive and even the shyest kids can come out of their shells when discussing with Santa what they would like for Christmas and of course assuring Santa that they have indeed been good. . girl or boy this year.