Lately, there are several people who are constantly criticizing the lack of jobs and business ideas. Online market trends are moving towards more competition, and a niche product is bulk SMS. This messaging industry includes SMS (or short message service) which allows the user to send and receive text transmissions to and from mobile devices. So what is an SMSC and how does it come into the picture? Keep reading to know more!

What is an SMSC?

In layman’s terms, the abbreviation for SMSC is ‘Short Message Service Center’. It acts as a focal point for receiving and sending messages from one person to another. Furthermore, mass messaging services also involve apps to send SMS to peers and vice versa in a two-way conversation. For example, if you sent a message to a friend, the SMSC processes the typed message and then forwards it to your friend. Similarly, the SMSC processes bank transactions, ATM messages, or any other application-based messages.

While there are a number of organizations that rely on SMSCs to run their (bulk) SMS businesses, it is critical to choose a bulk messaging service provider that uses the modern SMSC protocol.

Some important points to remember:

SMS gateway is also known as direct gateway to SMSC

It is a medium that allows you to send and receive SMS messages through email, web pages and software applications.

The gateway connects to a mobile operator’s SMSC via the Internet or lease line connections.

The message format is converted to the SMPP protocol, which is the format that the SMSC understands.

SMS aggregators use SMSC gateways to offer SMS services to customers.

Therefore, companies can provide services reliably, quickly and economically by using a modern and technologically advanced gateway.

Bulky SMS Apps

Now that the concept of SMSC is clear, we will move on to the applicability of services. In a nutshell, the possibilities of using bulky SMS in organizations are endless. There may be new evolved ways for greater possibilities, including regular use of SMS. Using high-capacity SMS has also been shown to offer a more professional outlook for many businesses. An organization can stay in touch with its customers, clients, and staff in a fully customizable format. Just a simple sender ID is all it takes to send and receive messages in high volume. Some popular application areas are:


Private Institutions

Mass consumption companies


Health Institutions

Logistics Departments

People can also use various SMS services to send mass messages on festive occasions, seminars, wedding invitations and more!

SMS Industry Impact

Incredibly, there is immense potential in the business, especially when the service provider boasts of having a modern SMSC. You can find several of these providers that will seamlessly manage and deliver billions of messages according to purpose for you. Their systems are designed to handle millions of messages in a second and are cost effective, durable and secure.

Certainly, there is no doubt about the profitability of this sector. So before you turn to a bulk SMS solution for your business, make sure your provider has a competent SMSC.

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