Affiliate marketing has been around for about 20 years. Countless e-commerce newcomers who are starting their own business have become successful affiliate marketers, earning commissions from major sites like Amazon and for helping sell their products.

Promotion of products through social media campaigns

Social media is an effective way to promote the products you want to sell because social media is free to use and you probably already have an account with the major ones like Facebook and Twitter.

The main issue is how often to promote product links. You can’t do it too often, because you’ll start to look like a spammer. But in general, you can present yourself as a helpful person who knows a certain topic, commonly known as a niche.

know your niche

Choosing to promote products based on a niche helps you avoid the “scattered” approach to marketing and really focus on what that particular target audience wants and needs.

Most people have “pain points” or problems in relation to a niche that they would like to solve. The affiliate products you promote could be the solution(s) they are looking for.

individual publications

Your posts can be conversational, discussing a common pain point and then suggesting an affiliate product that can help. You could also post a review. All social media channels are pushing video a lot these days, so a video review or demo video could get a lot of visibility and audience engagement. The more engagement you get, the more visible your content will be.

group participation

Look on Facebook and LinkedIn to see how many groups there are related to your niche and how active they are. If you see regular posts of content, it’s a lively group worth joining.

Once you join, be patient and just participate. Start building a reputation as a helpful and knowledgeable person. Gradually, you can get them to visit your site or blog, or make product recommendations directly. You can also start your own Facebook group if you want so you have an active and engaged audience interested in your content.

paid ads

Twitter and Facebook ads are inexpensive, but still highly targeted. You can drive traffic to your links or group page for just pennies per click.

Using free and paid methods, you should soon see stable affiliate sales.

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