There are many tattoo artists on the market today and since they all claim to offer the best, how do you tell a novice artist from a professional? an experienced one is a puzzle you have to solve.

You’ve waited a long time to get a tattoo. Being your first tattoo, you certainly want it to look the best. The only way to achieve a defined tattoo is to find a talented tattoo artist. How to distinguish a rookie artist vs. An experienced one is paramount if he wants to get good value for money from him. With most tattoo shops, both online and offline, advertising how they offer the best services, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the best artist. However, don’t walk blindly into a tattoo parlor.

So you know how to distinguish a rookie artist vs. an experienced one, here’s what to do:


You need to do some research on the tattoo artists in the city. You definitely don’t want a rookie artist operating on you. Remember, you are paying and protecting your health should be a priority. Therefore, you have to make sure that you go for the best. Sometimes it is better to pay more and be sure of a great service than to pay less and get a service that is not worth your money.

search online

Spend enough time looking for the best tattoo studio. Today, the best way to find out about tattoo artists operating in your neighborhood is through the Internet. Google and YELP can be very helpful as they can give you a variety of information on different studies. Know how to distinguish a rookie artist vs. an experienced one is very easy when using these platforms. Just go to the review section and you will see what past tattoo clients have to say about a particular tattoo artist. Nowadays, most of the tattoo shops have taken to social media to promote their business. You can use social networks to measure the experience of various artists.

Another way to find an experienced artist to do your tattoos is through referrals. A tattoo is something you wear with pride. Therefore, many people who wear tattoos will be happy to tell you where they got theirs. Even on the street, just stop a person with a flashy tattoo and ask who got it tattooed. That way, you will get a tattoo artist who will give you a high-quality tattoo.

Finally, evaluate the portfolios of various artists. This is one of the most recommended ways on how to tell a novice artist vs. an experienced one. The portfolio contains all the work that a particular tattoo artist has done in the past. It says a lot about the artist and the designs they offer. What exactly should you look for in a portfolio?

  • book status

The portfolio of an experienced tattoo artist should be well-kept and clean. Photos should also be of good quality. If they are sloppy and blurry, it will be difficult to assess the quality of the printed tattoos. The bottom line is that a tattoo artist who cares about her work should strive to present her work to clients in the best light possible. The book should allow you to answer the question of how to distinguish a novice artist vs. an experienced one.

  • Do the designs appeal to you?

You are the only one who can answer this question. It goes without saying that what may seem incredible to you may be disturbing and unappealing to another customer. Also evaluate how the designs sit on the body: are they symmetrical or do they look unbalanced? If the designs are not skillfully placed, the artist may be a novice just getting started tattooing or someone who is trying to make a living without any passion for their work. The placement of the designs should help you know how to distinguish a novice artist vs. an experienced one.

  • Are the lines in the tattoo designs uniform?

A good tattoo artist is able to match the lines of a certain design. For example, if a line thins out but then thickens or blurs, after which it goes back to thin again, it should start to tell you that the artist is a novice. While there are certain designs that require thick and thin lines, where the lines are supposed to be even, make sure they are. You should also consider if the lines are curved or overlap. Also take a look at newly made tattoos. It is natural for the skin around the tattoo to appear red. This is another strategy for how to tell a novice artist vs. an experienced one.

  • The color of the tattoo

When looking at the color of a tattoo design, there are things that you need to keep in mind. Does the color sit in the lines? Check if the areas that have a color are evenly shaded. If a black color is used, make sure there are no irregular areas. An experienced tattoo artist can also create a smooth transition from one color tone to the next. For tattoos that don’t have color portraits, see if the edges are well-cared for a smooth finish. So you know how to distinguish a rookie artist vs. an experienced one will depend on how you play with color in your tattoo designs.

  • shader styles

If you are looking for gray and black shading, it is important that you understand the techniques that tattoo artists use. For starters, there’s whip shading. This is generally used in traditional tattoo styles. It is very distinct and you are likely to see even the finest details inscribed by the machine. On the other hand, the common black shading is softer and blotchy, almost like a pencil drawing. As with color, the transition from one shading to another should be smooth. Keep in mind that the redness that new tattoos often express will fade once they have healed. With this information, you can know how to distinguish a rookie artist vs. an experienced one.

Once you’re done sifting through the portfolio, the next thing to do to know how to tell a newbie vs. an experienced one is to evaluate the feasibility of it to satisfy its needs.

  1. If you are looking for an artist to pierce a tattoo directly into your skin, be sure to find one who has experience operating on people. When a portfolio lacks even a single human form, it should deviate from hiring an artist. You need someone who will provide you with high-quality service and ensure your safety at the same time. This is one of the ways to distinguish a novice artist vs. an experienced one.
  2. When you don’t get the design you’re looking for in a portfolio, it doesn’t necessarily mean the artist can’t do a great job. Most artists post images of tattoo designs that they have not tried on any client in the past, just to show you that they have the chops to execute a particular design. This helps you a lot to know how to distinguish a rookie artist vs. an experienced one.
  3. If an artist claims to produce the best portraits but hasn’t published them in their portfolios yet, you should keep looking. Most artists post the original photos along with the prints. Insist on seeing the original copy of the person pinned near the tattooed image.
  4. Cheap can be expensive: getting a great tattoo will cost you more. More experienced tattoo artists charge more than beginners. As much as you want to save a few pennies, you should avoid hiring a rookie artist. Therefore, one may be justified in saying that a particular tattoo artist’s charges can help you in your search for how to distinguish a novice artist vs. an experienced one. However, the fact that a particular tattoo artist charges exorbitantly does not necessarily translate into high-quality services. Compare the prices of artists with the best portfolios to get the best quality and the best deal.
  5. How many clients have you had before? In some cases, some artists may design portfolios that give false information. Some may have copied the images from experienced tattoo artists or even downloaded them from the internet. Before you swallow the information as gospel truth, find out about them or call some of the customers they have served. The more clients have traded the better. This is one sure way how to tell a novice artist from a novice artist. an experienced one.
  6. Are they focused on details? In order for you to get a tattoo that you can comfortably show off to your friends, it must be well pronounced. The only way to get a well-cared for tattoo is to have the best person on the job. One way on how to tell a novice artist vs. an experienced one is evaluating her focus on details. An artist interested in detail can produce sharp images that will look fresh for a long time.

Only an experienced tattoo artist can help you achieve an outstanding tattoo design. To get the best out of the many artists on the market, scrutinize their portfolios thoroughly. This will help you know how to distinguish a novice artist vs. an experienced one.

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