The Highland Park Ceramic Collection will create the quality of being an exciting design that everyone loves for decades to come. These collections feature neutral color characteristics, a glossy finish, admirable shapes, attractive patterns, and a tremendous texture that will bring ceramic tiles back to modern trends.

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of Highland Park pottery.

The Highland Park pottery varieties are:

Neutral tones:

• Antique white,

• Handmade taupe,

• Dove Gray,

• Morning fog,

• Whisper White and

• Porch pearl

Color family with 8 styles:

• 3 × 6 meter tile,

• 4 × 12 meter tile,

• Hexagonal or elongated hexagonal tile,

• Tile with arabesque motifs,

• Mini brick tile,

• Classic diamond pattern,

• Arched fish bone,

Highland Park Arabesque

Highland Park Arabesque ceramic tiles are available in gray which adds more appeal to contemporary style in home décor. Mesh sheets are used to organize ceramic tile in an arabesque pattern. It is very easy to install and also requires less process. It has a smooth gray polished finish with an arabesque pattern. These types of ceramic mosaic tile are suitable for black backsplashes in the kitchen, shower surrounds, accent walls and countertops, and much more. This tile is suitable for interior design.

Highland Park dove gray with 3 × 6 subway tile:

The dramatic look of a lighter color is attractive on the edges of the tile. It has a crisp finish that shows more elegance to this type of tile and creates a feeling of push at first glance. This type of mosaic is seen in fewer homes and is the starting point of the conversation.

The availability of Dove Gray Highland tiles and their shapes:

These types of tiles are mainly available in three varieties, namely

• The diamond on the left,

• The Metro Mosaic Center, and

• The brick tile

In addition to the previous variety, it is also available in a 4 × 12 meter tile with dove gray. Dove gray looks elegant and splendid with an arabesque pattern. These types of ceramic tiles are suitable for the cabinet style to compare with other places.

The crisp-finish mid-tone smoky gray palette gives off the classic look and its clean lines and perfect scale add a contemporary edge. This combined style makes the Dove Gray Brick the best decoration. It gives an amazing effect to the wall tile.

Antique White Arabesque Pattern Tile:

Tiles with antique white arabesque motifs lend a fresh feeling to both the kitchen and the bathroom. These types of tiles are more cost effective and easy to install anywhere. The arabesque pattern gives it a stunning design.

Antique white elongated hexagon:

The elongated antique white hexagon is suitable for the backsplash option. The intermediate look is combined with more colors and styles. Honeycomb is one of the most popular styles that gives it a cabin feel.

Handmade 4×12 taupe subway tile:

The handcrafted taupe is a rich brown color and widens the 4 x 12 tiles, blending with other tiles smoothly and continuously without cracking. These types of tiles are suitable for the edges of the shower, bathtub and backsplash. These tiles are used for both commercial and residential purposes.

The Artisan Taupe 4 in X 12 in is available in 5 square feet with 15 pieces per box. Artisan Taupe is a grade 1 ceramic tile that can be used for decorative wall purposes. These types of tiles can be avoided in entryways due to light-use residential flooring.

Highland Park Whisper White:

The depth of design and pattern are enhanced with the three-dimensional application in the Whisper White High Park collection. The highly influenced textured pure white tiles of the dramatic environment are admired by all. The vertical wall space is suitable for the graphic pattern of the Whisper White tiles. This tile has a body shape in both traditional and modern designs.

Are you ready to transform your space? Let’s get started and explore with the Highland Park ceramic tile collection that is versatile for home design.