Before the year 2005, the CA guard card had been the only place where security officer license could be obtained for security personnel. Most of the security officers were required to undergo a 40-hour training program and also complete background checks run through the CA Department of Justice in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CA Senate Bill 194 created the Private Private Security and Security Officers Permit, made exclusively for all insider security officers working in California. The PSO certificate is only valid within private security job opportunities. Staff members employed in any business, as well as paid by a manager other than a protection corporation, required to wear unique garments that identify these individuals as the security officer, and required to communicate with the public must be licensed from PSO. Guards working with a legitimate PSO license may not be in a position to possess weapons and must undergo sixteen working hours of education. The Exclusive Private Owner

The security representative permit application fee is $50. Job applicants may also be responsible for background check fees of $32 for the California Division of Justice and also $19 for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The approval approach usually takes about a month. Staff members associated with security guard companies are generally Non-Public Patrol Providers and are not necessarily qualified under the Private Personal Protection Officers license. Security guards working for protection companies must have a proper security guard license. Guards employed as internal security within the CA guard card must apply for the actual PSO license upon termination.

One distinction in the two permits is that anyone employed to work by almost any exclusive company, that is, if the workplace is not a protection company, must have a Proprietary Personal Protection Officer permit. The actual PSO certificate is not for employees of security guard organizations who have assigned roles through the company. Anyone currently employed as a guard through a protection corporation may not work within the PSO permit and must possess a legitimate CA state guard license. Both licenses require employees to complete background checks from the Department of Justice and also from the FBI. The PSO license does not involve as many hours of education and additional security officers employed by a security guard company are required to contain an appropriate security officer permit.

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