Another headache to deal with while running your family

Working families face many challenges today. These are not just external forces of change that are dismantling the traditional family, but also the daily struggles of trying to deal with fuel economy issues. Now I know some of you might think fuel economy is a macro issue that shouldn’t be discussed in the context of a single working family. However, I would respond to such a statement by saying that all macro policies end up affecting ordinary people. If OPEC decides to raise prices, those who will pay those prices will be the workers who have to transport their families. In this article, I will explore the issues that lie at the heart of the connections between fuel economy and individual families.

Being affected by major economic problems

First of all, it must be recognized that modern economies are planned in such a way as to ensure total dependence on one type of fuel. The king of all fuels at the moment is oil. Oil has worried even the most powerful people in the world and bloody wars have been waged against entire communities in the fight for this vital resource. In the United States of America they talk about oil addiction in the most emotional terms and I have to say that they are absolutely right about that. We have been conditioned to use oil as inefficiently as possible, and we will not tolerate even the slightest infringement of our comfort levels in order to save some of the resource for others. The selfishness of modern capitalism means that oil has remained at the heart of our fuel economy and there is no sign of any change soon.

This is no longer just an oil issue, it now has political and social ramifications that threaten to destroy our entire civilization. For the working family who simply worries about where they will get their next batch of gasoline, there are far more important fish to fry in the global struggle for supremacy over oil resources. I hate to say it, but fate will go on for a long time. To make matters worse, those countries that have plenty of oil have decided that the best strategy is really to join a cartel and make sure they can hold everyone for a very high ransom.

There has been some noise from Barack Obama to the effect that he would like to configure the American economy so that it is not so dependent on the dreaded oil. I am very skeptical of this initiative and I think they are underestimating the power of the capitalist consumer to bend things to their will.

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