An SEO reseller program is where you take clients to a search engine optimization company and they complete the SEO work for that client. In return, you are paid a commission for bringing the client to the SEO company. The program describes how the two companies will work together and what commission will be paid in exchange for finding the customer. In some respects, the SEO reseller program is similar to an affiliate program, but it is much more complicated because it will really have a working relationship and an ongoing sense.

When researching SEO reselling programs, you want to do your homework on every organization you might consider joining. Not all SEO companies are the same. What you want is a truly professional SEO company with a strong track record of excellent results and client referrals in difficult search engine rankings. These companies will agree that they usually have reseller packages that you can read about. You should also be able to contact them by phone to discuss SEO reseller plans in detail and understand how it actually works.

You want to make sure the program is fair and that you feel like you are being adequately compensated for bringing the client to the company. You also want to find out details about how they will work together on an ongoing basis. I imagine that SEO reseller packages have direct communication between the delivery organization and the sales company. With that being said, there are many SEO reseller plans where there is little to no communication beyond the client handoff. You will find this particular for larger organizations.

Once you’ve selected the SEO reseller plan you’ll go with, the real work begins. Many people become very obsessed with the program they must join and forget that the real job is to find clients and sell to them. This is not easy and SEO is a competitive field. So yes, do your homework and select the SEO reseller program that is appropriate for your needs with the company you think you can trust. But then get busy and start selling because it’s a competitive world and you won’t make money if you’re not selling.

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