It is common knowledge that women like to be chased rather than chased. If there is a guy you love and you don’t want to chase after him and make it clear that you love him, then he tries to follow these tips that will make him run after you.

Make him believe you’re worth the chase

No guy will want to chase you if he doesn’t think you’re worth it! It looks like the “Prize”! Every time he sees you, he should want you desperately. You can dress in a way that makes you extremely attractive to him and provoke him in a way that makes him want to run after you.

Make other guys run after you

If you’re popular and other guys are targeting you, he’ll want to be the one to beat you! This will make him chase you hard. Throw encouragement at him and give him reason to believe that you wouldn’t resist him in any way. This will motivate him to run after you.

Seems unreachable and hard to catch

No matter how sexy you look, if you look cheap, easy, and overly needy, he won’t chase you. On the other hand, if he thinks you are a hard to catch and unattainable woman, he will go to great lengths to show that he is capable of pinning you down! He will want to show off his award!

Become his fantasy woman

If he looks at you as the woman of his dreams, he will automatically pursue you. Become her fantasy woman. Drive him crazy with desire. Dress in a way that makes him feel very attracted to you. Let him see fascinating sides of your personality that will make him want to pursue you.

stop chasing him

Have you been chasing him? If so, that could be the reason it’s running! Don’t forget that men like to chase sometimes and he might be one of those types of men who loves a good chase and hates the idea of ​​a woman running after him. He Stop chasing after him and pretend you have other things to do! He will be tempted to run after you.

Make the chase a challenge

Don’t get caught too easily. Make him feel like he has to prove himself, his skills, and his abilities to get the woman he wants. Let him satisfy the urge to compete for something he wants with all his heart and he will run after you.

Hint that you want to get caught

A man needs to know that a woman will not reject his advances. This will motivate him even more to pursue her! If you keep encouraging him with certain looks and smiles, he will surely feel like you want him to catch you!