Crystals and gemstones have been valued for centuries for their beauty and also for their healing powers. Ancient Egyptians are believed to have been advanced crystal healers.

There is the school of thought that exists that these Egyptian healers may have obtained their advanced knowledge in the use of crystals in the healing arts from their predecessors, the people of Atlantis.

They knew that through the stimulation of subtle vibrational frequencies in the human energy field, or aura, healing could occur in humans and animals. When certain stones were placed on the body in key areas and left there for a short period of time, the person receiving the treatment improved.

Acupuncturists today understand this concept and use acupuncture needles to stimulate some of the same areas that Egyptian healers used to place their healing stones.

By placing crystals and gemstones near certain chakras, meridians, and other energy points, blockages are cleared and healing is facilitated.

People often experience a tingling or vibrating sensation in the areas where crystals and gemstones are placed on their body during a crystal healing session.

Old memories and fears can flood their minds momentarily and then be suddenly released. Some people feel that the pains are relieved, the muscles relax, the stiffness of the joints and bones are relieved, and a feeling of peace, calm and clarity gently overcomes them.

During a crystal healing session, it is not unusual for a person receiving treatment to re-experience an old trauma, as if the repressed memory of it had resurfaced as they exited the aura or energy field and the physical body simultaneously.

When a person releases an old and blocked emotional or physical injury in this way, they have the opportunity to see the past situation with different eyes than when they originally experienced it. Perhaps they are now older or have become wiser, so now they can finally examine what happened in the past and hopefully have the necessary tools to process that old trauma and let it go forever.

The amount of physical pain that can be related to old emotional wounds is surprising. By releasing and letting go in this way, some people find that they have a new lease on life.

Since this type of therapy is considered unconventional, a person can suffer from a problem for many years before finding a way to deal with it successfully.

Counseling and psychological therapy has often been the only option for some people and it can sometimes take years to resolve a problem that could be released during an afternoon with a good crystal healing practitioner.

Crystals and gemstones can be used to align energy bodies, balancing people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. This allows people to find relief from long-standing ailments fairly quickly when other conventional treatments have not been successful.

Obviously, this type of treatment is something you have to live to believe. As with anything out of the ordinary, there will always be skeptics who question the validity of this type of healing modality.

However, if you have been suffering from something that you have not been able to treat, you may want to seriously consider this relaxing, non-invasive and safe alternative treatment.

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