In many ways, bathroom vanities are centerpieces. Stylish sinks and countertops draw attention; they feel cozy, reminiscent of time spent in a spa or luxury hotel. Beauty is important, but beauty alone is not enough. A dressing table should also be practical.

study the space

Whether remodeling a bathroom or choosing accessories for a new home, a careful study of the given space is important. A vanity that takes up too much space hurts the flow and functionality of the room, but one that’s too small can seem insignificant and impractical. Buyers need to find a unit that fits into the allotted space without taking over the room, while also serving as an attractive and useful centerpiece.

Consider the plumbing

Homeowners may fall in love with some bathroom vanities only to find that they are incompatible with existing plumbing. This may or may not be an obstacle, depending on the budget and the amount of work someone wants to put into the remodeling job. It is possible to rearrange the plumbing to accommodate the sink and vanity storage areas. Buyers must decide if this is something they are willing to do or rent.

Find out what is most important

When looking at a variety of vanities, homeowners must decide what is most important. Is there a need for additional storage? Deep drawers and under-sink storage can help make the most of space. Also, units with cabinets over the sink can provide great space-saving utility.

Each sink should be the right width and depth to allow people to wash their hands comfortably. The material from which the sink is made is another important consideration. Some materials, like tiles, are easier to clean than others.

There are mirrors and accessories to consider as well. How do these fit into the overall aesthetic? A mirror can sit above a dresser or you can wrap around it. The placement of lights, towel rails, and additional shelves or cabinets can affect the selection.

Many styles to choose from

From traditional to contemporary, bathroom vanities can satisfy virtually any desired look. Regardless of the budget or the size of the space, homeowners can create a comfortable and inviting space with just the right color scheme and look. It’s all about options.

Countertops can be made of stone, wood, acrylic, concrete, laminate, tile, or other materials. They come in various colors and textures to create different moods. Drawers and cabinets can be straight or curved and are made from a variety of woods or laminates. The sinks can sit above or below the counter. They can be oval or rectangular in shape, and can be made of porcelain, copper, glass, stone, stainless steel, or composites.

With so many options available, it’s a good idea to start your search early. Many homeowners start with the powder room and then build the rest of the bathroom around it. The chosen dressing table can inspire the design and decoration of the room. It is an excellent piece to start remodeling or building a bathroom that everyone will like.

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