filter ads by region in the TikTok ADS Library

The Ad Library is a handy resource for gaining inspiration for your own TikTok ads. It lets you search for high-reaching ads by country, ad type, and time posted. You can also filter results by duration. Generally speaking, ads that perform best are 10 to 30 seconds long. This can help you identify popular trends early. The Ads Library is home to several tools that help you find inspiration and develop your ad strategy. You can explore ads from your target region, industry, and objective. You can also filter videos by songs and hashtags, and view their performance metrics over time. You can even search through captions to find TikTok ads that feature specific words or phrases.

Once you find an ad that you like, you can click on it to learn more about its performance. This reveals insights on how it performed, including its Reach, CTR, 2s video view rate, and 6s video view rate. You can then compare this metric to those of other ads in your category or region. Another useful tool is the Keywords section, which organizes top keywords and displays their performance over time. You can also view details on specific keywords by clicking the Details button. This helps you identify the best keywords for your campaign and incorporate them into your creatives.

You can also use the Tiktok ADS Library to study other marketers’ ads and learn what works for them. For example, you can analyze ads in your industry to see how they approach audience targeting and ad creatives. You can then incorporate these best practices into your own TikTok ads. Similarly, studying successful ads from your competitors can give you ideas on how to keep viewers engaged and drive action.

Can I filter ads by region in the TikTok ADS Library?

Whether you’re using the Ad Library to research or gain creative inspiration, you can find top-performing ads and analyze them to improve your own campaigns. You can search for ads based on keywords, brands, products or ad campaigns, and you can view the performance of each ad in terms of reach, engagement, and CTR.

You can also learn how to use popular transitions, editing styles, music and visual effects to create an ad that resonates with your audience. For example, you can see how other marketers are using humor or tugging at the heartstrings to build emotional connections with their audiences. You can even learn how to use branded effects like stickers, challenges and overlays in your videos to increase engagement and interaction.

The AI Video Editor is an excellent resource to use for research and to gain creative inspiration. You can compare your ads with competitors’ ads and determine which strategies are most effective. You can also find out which ads are performing well in your industry and region. The TikTok Ad Library is designed to adhere to transparency regulations from the DSA, so it doesn’t contain any political ads. You can filter the ads by region, campaign objective, upload source, ad duration, and video format to find relevant ads for your business. You can also use the filter to search for specific ad elements, such as visuals and messaging.

The TikTok Ad Library is a new transparency initiative that provides searchable insights into all past and present ads. The tool helps users understand the creators and funders behind TikTok ads, as well as get real-time ad details like target audience size, gender, and age. It also offers data-driven insights that can help marketers optimize their ad campaigns, experiment with new ideas, and achieve improved results on TikTok in 2024.

The Ads Library lets you filter ads by region, ad type, and publication date. You can also explore ads that have performed well on the platform and learn from them. You can use these ads as a source of inspiration for your own ad creation and improve your overall campaign performance.

When you click on a particular ad, you will see a detailed ad summary that includes its target audience size, the number of unique users it has reached, and additional information about the campaign such as the ad duration and the advertisers. You can also see how the ad is performing in terms of CTR and CVR. You can also filter ads by keywords and view their relative performance over time. This can help you identify trending topics and find new opportunities for your ad content. TikTok also reveals the top keywords that are being used by other advertisers in their ads.

The library offers a variety of helpful tools to assist in the ad-creation process. You can find inspiration, discover industry trends and audience preferences, gain knowledge about successful ad campaigns, and even create a custom audience to test new ideas. In addition, you can use the video editor to quickly and easily add photos, text, cta’s, music, and transition clips to create a professional-looking ad in minutes.

If you’re not sure where to start with your ad, try searching for inspiration in the top ads dashboard. You can filter by region, industry, objective and more to search for the type of ad that you’re looking for. You can also view ad details, including engagement metrics and the ad creator’s name. Trends on Tiktok change rapidly, so the library is a great resource to identify and apply current trends that are popular with your target audience. The ‘Trends’ section includes song and hashtag trends, with graphs that illustrate the level of interest in a given theme over time. You can also see ad details for each trend, such as examples and related videos.