“Barcelona restaurants are expensive”: if you’ve heard something like this, keep reading this article. I will not tell you that it is not entirely true, some restaurants in Barcelona are very expensive, others offer you high quality food and you pay for that. The important thing is that there are great alternatives that allow you to save money, cheap restaurants in Barcelona that will add more value to your stay.

Eating seafood is usually the type of food that can cost you quite a bit. So, especially if you are a seafood lover and your available budget is limited, here is the advice that will change your next trip to Barcelona. Can you believe that with only 10-15 euros you can eat fresh seafood, drinks included? When they told me, I had many doubts. I know that quality fish is expensive simply because it costs, it has a fairly high market price compared to other types of food.

But … what if you take a seafood restaurant and take away all the waiters and turn it into a self-service place, put a fish shop inside and let people choose what they want to eat and the way they want? was it cooked? Well, you will have La Paradeta, this great cheap seafood restaurant that I suggest for your stay in Barcelona.

Is that how it works:

Or go in and check out the fresh seafood;

or choose what you want and the quantity;

or order your drinks and pay, receiving a number;

Or sit back and wait a few minutes for the call: when your seafood is cooked they will yell at your number.

or serve yourself and eat their excellent seafood.

In this way you will pay 10-15 euros sharing with friends, a little more if you choose something more expensive but believe me, really less than what you will pay for the same level of quality in a restaurant. Also order their salads, a great option to accompany their seafood. As this restaurant is unfortunately no longer a secret, sometimes you have to wait a long time, half an hour or more on weekends. Try to go when it opens or an hour before closing time. In all cases it really deserves a visit.

The first Paradeta restaurant in Barcelona was a great success, so the owners decided to open another, giving everyone more chances to have cheap seafood (a kind of ‘seafood democracy’). Today you can find La Paradeta here: in the Borne neighborhood, Carre Comercial 7; near Sagrada Fanilia, Passatge Simon 8; in Sants, Calle Riego, 27; Meridiana, 74 Pacific Street; in Sitges (outside of Barcelona), Sant Pere 24 – 26. Closed Monday, open from Tuesday to Thursday, 20 – 23:30, Friday and Saturday 20 – 24, Saturday and Sunday 13 – 16.

Choose your favorite Paradeta restaurant in Barcelona and try it, you will not be disappointed.