Over the weekend, I spent a few hours with the older gentleman I know. His wisdom is exceptional. And I’m always ready to hear what you have in mind. As usual, he engaged me in a thought-provoking conversation that can push the boundaries of political correctness. At the same time, it is a valuable conversation that I would like to share.

It started with the following: It is the job of parents to prepare their children for life. When they are negligent in that work, the child can become a disadvantaged adult. And the child may not have the means or the means to make up the difference. In the future, will children be able to sue their parents for this negligence? It sounds crazy. Consider the following.

The average weight of a newborn is 7.5 pounds. The average weight of a 5’9 “adult male is around 170 pounds. The average weight of a 5’4” adult female is approximately 115 pounds. If a boy and a girl of average height reach the weight of 170 and 115 pounds respectively at the age of 10 years, who is responsible for their body overweight? What are the repercussions?

If I were to say that children are responsible for eating too much, parents would be out of trouble. When you have a child, you take fiduciary responsibility for that child’s physical and emotional well-being. Also, as a parent, you are responsible for preparing your children for life as adults. While ensuring that they receive a formal education is one aspect, physical health can be detrimental to a person’s future.

While the US enforces political correctness, in the sense that we are not supposed to condemn others for disabilities, race, gender, or physical appearance, discrimination is widely practiced by most people. For example, the overweight girl mentioned above could easily become a 5’4 “adult at 200 lbs. At that height and weight, she could easily become a victim of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, depression, etc. Some people may discriminate against you in job interviews. Your dreams of being a professional athlete would have died on the vine. And your choice of spouse would likely be limited. That’s a short list of your downsides.

If a parent has a fiduciary responsibility to prepare their child for a successful future, it would appear that the parents failed. The girl above would incur many health care expenses and opportunity costs for job prospects and spouse. Are parents responsible for such unnecessary expenses and losses? If so, does that mean children will one day be able to sue their parents for parental negligence or negligence?

Hopefully the world doesn’t come to that. At the same time, there should be a wake-up call for people who are considering having children. No parent has the right to bring a child into the world if they are not prepared to provide them with the normal advantages, such as good health, emotional stability, knowledge through education and experience, etc. While it may be advantageous for a child to explore the world at a young age, it is not necessary. It is important for a child to have a working knowledge of self, communication, and physical health. What advantages will it give your children?

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