Study Libraries Near Student Accommodation in Newcastle

The city of Newcastle Upon Tyne has a lot going for it – its iconic cosmopolitan feel is born from its industrial heritage and beautiful Georgian architecture, but there’s also a thriving music scene, a buzzing restaurant and bar scene and plenty of open spaces to enjoy. Students in this dynamic city can expect an academic haven with top-notch student accommodation and plenty of opportunity to socialise and relax with new friends.

As a Newcastle student accommodation you’ll have access to an amazing selection of study libraries, but it’s always good to mix things up and try a new place every now and again. If you’re tired of trudging back and forth to your Northumbria or University of Newcastle library then take a trip into the centre of town to check out the local public libraries. They’re great places to work in a relaxed atmosphere and with lots of computers, desks and comfy chairs available. Plus, getting a membership to the library costs nothing and helps support the local community.

You’ll probably find a subject room on campus too, these rooms are designed to be a chilled and quiet space for students studying in a particular area or discipline. These spaces have a number of computers to use, desks and sofas to get stuck in and usually have notice boards displaying the latest news for your subject or upcoming events for the department. Plus, it’s nice to change your working environment from the comfort of your own bed – it can be hard to focus when you’re used to relaxing in that same place!

Are There Any Study Libraries Near Student Accommodation in Newcastle?

Another option is to visit the Sage in central Newcastle student accommodation – this contemporary building houses an auditorium and a large library, but the best part is the cafe! It’s a very cool and comfortable place to sit and read, and they play piano music which can help to put you in a work frame of mind. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to graduate from one of the regional universities then you could be eligible for a second temporary graduate visa which makes living in Newcastle even better!

To address this, student accommodation providers often organize social events, activities, and support networks to help students acclimate to their new environment and foster a sense of belonging. Engaging in student clubs, organizations, and campus activities can also facilitate the formation of new friendships and create a support network within the university community.

If you’re a history fan then check out the Literary and Philosophical Society in the city centre with its neo-classical frontage. This was a conversation club when it opened in 1793 and has seen Oscar Wilde, Edith Sitwell and Alexander Armstrong give lectures. You can only take books out here if you’re a member but it’s worth popping in to admire the burnished wood interior and awe of its Victorian heyday.

It’s also worth checking out the Robinson Library at Newcastle University if you have the chance – it’s small but well-equipped and has a friendly atmosphere with four levels (one of which is below ground). Don’t forget to pay attention to the Geordie accent when you’re in the city too, whether you’re on the Metro, eating in a restaurant or socialising in a bar – this distinctive local dialect can be heard everywhere.