Land Rover will soon hit the road with a new level of audio presentations. Freelander, dubbed the LR2 Stateside, is the latest addition to Land Rover. This vehicle will be the first vehicle to use Dolby® Pro Logic II® 7.1 surround sound. This time around, Rover deviates from traditional surround sound with speakers to pave the way for a home theater-like audio experience.

Dolby® Pro Logic II® 7.1 comes with 14 speakers, including the center channel, surround back, and a subwoofer. The system, which was developed by Alpine, comes with fiber optic connectors, an iPod connector, and a 440-watt amplifier to satisfy everyone’s audio fantasies. Freelander is built with better off-road performance and a new transverse inline six-cylinder engine. However, what makes it more attractive is the fact that it has an excellent sound system to eliminate the audio presentations of other vehicles. Alpine’s innovative 7.1 sound system offers a superior audio experience for everyone to enjoy.

Alpine is known for its high quality music reproduction. At Freelander, a special 14-speaker system has been created specifically for Rover Freelander parts. Dave Sheen, Alpine OEM Director, says: “Alpine believes that no matter where you are in the car, the sound experience should be exciting. 7.1 channel systems provide exactly that and with the rear fill speakers, the passengers they are equally enthralled by the surround sound experience, not just the ones in the front. This is very important for a family car like the Freelander 2. “

Dolby technology works to create an immersive sound playback experience that adapts to the unique environment of Land Rover vehicles. Regardless of vehicle position or road conditions, Freelander can still give you the opportunity to enjoy incredible audio.

“We are delighted that such a prestigious and important car features Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 technology. The technology is in harmony with the Land Rover interior and provides impressive sound wherever you are in the car and wherever it takes you.” Robin Dyer, vice president of Dolby’s Consumer Europe Division, noted.

Freelander’s attractive package will be available on the market this spring with a surprising starting price of approximately $ 33,000.

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