What is the AIM virus?

The AIM virus is a category of computer virus spread by AIM (American Online Instant Messenger). They are the combination of computer viruses and spyware. Once infected, you will experience non-stop pop-ups, a slower machine, and passwords being leaked to internet crackers. At the same time, the Aim virus starts attacking everyone on your AIM friends list.

Symptoms of the AIM virus

How do you know if you are infected by an AIM virus? The only way to get infected is through AIM messages. When you get something like “I can’t believe I found someone’s photo here HAHAHA” or something similar from your friend and you click on it, you are probably infected. Also, when your friends tell you that you are sending them similar messages, it is confirmed.

How to get rid of AIM virus manually

Just follow the process below.

1) Press the CTRL ALT and DEL keys at the same time to open the task manager.

2) Click on the process tab (Windows 2000 / XP), search for “b.exe” or “av.exe” and finish the process.

3) Go to C: Windows and delete “b.exe” and “bbb.exe” or “av.exe” (if you are not sure where it is, go to “My Computer, then click” Local Disk C: “and then open the folder named” Windows “or” Winnt “if you are on Windows 2000)

4) Click Start, then Run, type “Msconfig” in the box, and press ENTER.

When the box appears, click the “Startup” tab and find “b.exe” or “av.exe” in the list (probably labeled “antivirus”) and then uncheck the box on the left. (Windows 98 / XP only)

5) Lastly, don’t forget to remove the link from your profile.

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